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When you turn the ignition on ... was it just my imagination?

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Forgive me if I'm going mad, but I think that, until recently, when I used to put the key in and turn the ignition on, there was an electrical/electronic whirring from somewhere in the moments before I turned the key that last bit to start the engine.  I reckon that subconsciously I thought it was the fuel pump or such but never really gave it any thought.  Recently, the car has been completely silent before that last turn of the key.  Was it my imagination?  I don't think the noise was the blower fan, as that's controlled by two old-style levers down by the handbrake, and I'm sure they were off during the summer, and anyhow, they still operate the blower in the manner you'd expect ... but is my memory playing tricks on me?  Or is there something that should be running that now isn't?

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On an SC with Autoheat, the motor inside may move the flaps to ‘heat’ mode.

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