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1977 Targa value?


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Not really a for sale post just yet but as going shopping for a Coupe was wondering what the value would be of my car. Not straightforward as an ex Australia (until 2000) ex 2.7 narrow body that was modified to wider rear quarters with an SC engine fitted in the 90's. Structurally rust free and very reliable as been my road trip car for the last 6 years (Le Mans Classic, Spa Classic, Alps, Italian lakes etc). Paint a bit shabby on bonnet but otherwise all good. Drivers door top pin has some wear. New SS exhaust last month, refurbished Fuch 16" wheels 2020 and a new top by Southbound in 2021. Mileage 260000 kms (kmh speedo).  Original interior in great condition.

I know prices are a bit all over the place and mine is not numbers matching but a very good useable 911. A left hand drive 1977 project car is on CarandClassic at £35k so would like to think mine is worth nearer to £40k, but in todays climate who knows.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.








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Looks great, but paint the bonnet if you think it needs it and do the hinge pin before you list it. You will be chasing bids down otherwise, as in you offer the buyer the chance to bid below you. Do not price your car down for condition when selling: do the obvious work and price for good order (unless its like £25k of work).

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Just as a guide, a LHD 79 targa from South Africa in fair condition achieved just £27k on the 15th of this month via Collecting Cars. Lots of IB's on the market currently, most taking root probably due to everything going on in the UK and elsewhere. If you can hold off selling until if/when things pick up that may be sensible. Right now I would guess £30-35K for your RHD narrow bodied targa but as ever, only the market can really decide.

GLWS if you do go ahead


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All change :) :), went for a drive in a 3.2 Coupe today and have decided I can't part with my Targa, I prefer the look of the Coupe from the outside but find them a bit dark in the cabin......😂

The few small jobs in the spring have now turned into an Arrow blue paint job, it was built silver and colour changed to white in the 90's so another change won't hurt


Thanks for all the feedback

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