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my garage refurb


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hi all i know some of you like a transformation thread ,  some one posted the other day about maybe selling there car because of money issues  with the  up keep of the car servicing ect  , every year i never seem to have enough money to get the car sorted to the proper standard it should be which then got me thinking even if i got it restored would it be wrong to put it back in a damp old brick garage so i have chosen to do the garage now like fully insulated floors ,walls ceiling more of a home office come show room come what ever the next owner of the house wants ,for me now i still don't think i will get the car done as i can't see the money to be spent would return on the  re sale . sell the car as it is enjoy the fact I've had 22 years of ib fun  or just keep it maybe one day funds would be there for swap of car ib of coarse but like in the other persons thread when funds are not available selling will never be easy 










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