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1982 Porsche 911 SC Recent Purchase


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Hi! This is my very first post on the forum which I found via the 911UK forum. Rumour has it, this is the best place to discuss all things 911 SC :)

I have recently purchased a 1982 911 SC which has been off the road for a few years. I'm currently working through a list of jobs that are required to achieve a positive MOT certificate. 

I'm curious if anyone has any information about my car as its had a big handful of owners and a lot of different number plates as follows:-

ADU 181X - Re-registered just now but was on the car before 1991

RIA 4728 - from 1991 to 2022

OSD 64X - Evidence shows around 1986

15 EBE from 1986 - 1988

2717 MP from 1988

9282 VC - Possible registered from new with this plate

The history with this car is extremely good, lots of invoices from previous keepers and the source of the registration numbers above. It left the factory with a Turbo spoiler, sports suspension,  4 speaker sound system. Fuchs alloys, front fog lights and a sunroof, all of which are visible to this day. I have a very faded Porsche UK club sticker in the windscreen showing its been loved over the years. I've certainly fallen for this old girl :) 

This is my first air-cooled Porsche having already owning a later air cooled model. I'm keen to get out in this next year and enjoy as it was intended. My main aim is to get the mechanicals up to scratch. I'm in the process of gathering all my photos of the car so far on this journey which I am keen to share. No doubt I will be calling on the skills of you lovely people to assist me along the way. 





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Welcome, looking forward to those photos... :)

If you complete and send of form V888 to DVLA they will send you a ton of information in the form of copies of all the paperwork (personal information redacted) they hold related to your car. Its really useful.

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5 hours ago, Lesworth said:

Welcome, looking forward to those photos... :)

If you complete and send of form V888 to DVLA they will send you a ton of information in the form of copies of all the paperwork (personal information redacted) they hold related to your car. Its really useful.

Last time I did this they just sent my fee back!

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Thanks for the info chaps and the welcome :) I was attempting the uploading of pics last night in Flickr but it was painful..... I keep plodding through and see what I can get loaded this next week.  

So far the car has had a good going over and the following was found:-

1) Worn O/S front lower ball joint - Replaced

2) Mashed up rear N/S wheel stud and nut - Both Replaced

3) Tired rear antiroll bar bushes - Parts bought but wont affect the MOT.

4) Seized front N/S calliper - Replaced 

5) Sticky throttle - Whole pedal assembly stripped down, all bushes replaced with a rub and a fresh satin paint on all parts. Silky smooth now :) 

6) Replaced air box straps

7) Replaced missing wiper end caps

8  Replaced wiper blades

9) Lots of dodgy wiring removed from aged alarm systems and immobilisers. Also removed aftermarket central locking and some tacky car audio equipment.

10) Various bulbs replaced and contacts cleaned on rear lights, now all working

11) Horn not working - Cleaned all contacts, now honking,

12) Some corrosion near the rear ARB that needs attention. 

13) Bit smokey on start ups. Going to drain the sump on the next garage session and hopefully take it for a drive (private roads of course)   

The car has not been on the road for 5 years but also not covered many miles since 2014 so hoping the smoke is just lack of use and oil sitting where it shouldn't, fingers crossed!  

Its missing its inflatable spare wheel, and the cassette holder from the central console. I'm not too keen on the aftermarket steering wheel so I'm on the lookout for a Momo Prototipo or something along those lines, or maybe the original wheel. I'm not in too much of a rush but very keen to get the car roadworthy for the spring and worry about its looks after :)

I cannot edit my 1st post but just wanted to point out that my other 911 is water-cooled, not air-cooled!  



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  • 1 month later...

I've finally joined the forum so I'm able to share some pictures of my car. 

Now Christmas is out of the way, things have moved on pretty quick this last few weeks. The following has happened.....

1) Replaced spark plugs

2) Fresh oil and filter

3) Replaced fuel filter

4) Clean up all disc, pads and calipers

5) Replaced fan belt

6) Insured on a classic policy £137 

7) Taxed 

So I'm all roadworthy and out enjoying this car 😉....what a machine. After a good run the smoke cleared as mentioned above. 

I'm amazed on progress so far, considering how long it's been left neglected. It drives really well and feels strong. 

I have plenty of pictures which I will post shortly.










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A few things are popping up of concern.

Firstly the exhaust has started blowing. The heat exchangers are totally shot too. I'll be on the lookout for some usable second hand units if possible. The wheel bearings have been getting progressively louder. I'm not sure which it is but they definitely need replacing. It's sounding like the rears which after some research these look like a pig to replace. I think I will leave these to my local Porsche specialist. I've been adding small amounts of E5 fuel but found the fuel tank has a damp patch where one of the securing bolts hold the tank to the chassis. Removing the tank looks pretty easy. 

I'll need these issues sorting as they are pretty serious 😥 

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Stainless early type exchangers are probably about the best add on thing you could do to an SC. Some care is needed in removing the old ones, as there's potential for the exhaust studs to break. As your existing exchangers are shot it's easier in a way - what's left could be cut off for best access to the stud nuts. Some prefer to cut those off, others recommend oxyacetylene. It is a job that can be done at home, or you might opt to get help with it. 

Prioritise any possible fuel leak job though. If you need a new tank they are available.

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Looks like a lot of potential there.

It's amazing the difference rebuilding the pedal box makes.

Good idea to get shot of old alarm wiring.

Alarm fitters are usually total nobs judging by any alarm work I've ever seen.

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Thanks for your comments :) 


Hands are getting very dirty at the moment! There is plenty to be getting on with. 

I commented that the car left the factory with front fogs but as you can see they are not visible today. When I bought the car last year I did get the original front and back bumpers but no fog lights. Not really a problem as I think its looks OK with what I think are 964 skirts and front bumper. Does anyone know anything about the rear bumper? It has 2 cut outs for tail pipes but the car only has 1 pipe. 

Back date?? I'm not too sure.... yes they look amazing but so many have been done. My focus for now is getting the car mechanically sound,  I'm not really that far off, just the points raised above. 

Everywhere I look the car needs some loving. The bodywork isn't the best what with silicone bubbles under the paint on the bonnet and rear spoiler, rust in the usual places under the windscreen and rear screen, there's damage to the N/S rear quarter panel above the light, scratches to the O/S wing, small rust bubble on the O/S rear quarter and stone chips to the front. The clocks have suffered some light surface rusting to the bezels. The seats have been treated to a good scrub and treatment and have come up OK. The carpet is original so a little tired but acceptable but missing the N/S rear floor mat. As mentioned, the wallet of receipts, invoices and information is vast but sadly no Porsche book pack or service booklet. I have evidence of an engine rebuild and gearbox rebuild. The door locks have been filled with super glue according to the previous owner by what was described as a  'jealous neighbor!' 

So all in all I do have my work cut out!! Focus now is on the petrol tank, wheel bearings and this blowing exhaust. The plan is to get these bits done ready for spring. I have no problem driving with the bodywork issues...I just want to drive the car through spring and summer and include our annual trip around the NC500 in autumn. 

I will add some more pictures from the previous weeks work as I took lots......

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