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993 wipers

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First post to the forum….I have a 1976 911 that was backdated by the previous owner. I bought it as an unfinished project. It has had the scuttle modified to take a 993 wiper motor which leaves a few issues from what I can make our.

 993 wiper motor clashes with the dash air vents and air box 

 Wiring up, not sure how different this is.

I have seen this mod done on a few cars, so are people making custom air boxes etc or are they modifying the original wipers to fit 993 style rather than using a 993 motor. Any help appreciated.


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I made my own mounting bracket/wiper linkage assembly which fitted without having to modify the air box.

I tried to use the 993 motor but made a *beep*-up with the wiring and it blew up so I just reused the 911 motor.

I don't have any pictures because they were all on photobucket...


2 hours ago, Northy said:

@tea boy might be able to help you, he was looking at doing this on his 3.2 in the year 1956, or whenever he last looked at that poor car… 😜

I haven't looked at it as recently as that, Lewis. :D

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4 hours ago, PaulLeyton said:

Was that based on the original linkage or scratch built?

I used the 993 alloy spindle holder, I turned the mechanism upside down to clear the air box and the rest was scratch built.

I also made new mounting brackets which were fitted to the car.

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