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Door handle refurbishment / replacement


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Next on my list are the external door handles which are looking quite chipped and tired.

New Porsche replacements are very expensive and only sold with new barrels, they seem to be over £300 per side.

I believe they're anodised rather than painted / powder coated.

Has anyone had success refurbishing their original door handles with success?  I see some much cheaper non OEM handles on eBay from a German seller, and I have confirmed with the seller that they're powder coated, not anodised.

Or are there other alternatives I should consider?   



Door handle.jpg

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1 hour ago, fat fuchs said:

I think Matt at Type911 sells them. Some folks powder coat them but paint just won't last.



I did mine in good old Halfords acrylic black aerosol and 8/9 years later they look as good as new. 

And so do my wheel centres done in the same paint. 

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I really like the Mipa stuff, it helps there's a good supplier locally.

For smaller jobs Mipa also do a "two-in-one" aerosol, with a button on the bottom on the can. Pressing it breaks an internal seal and allows the paint and hardener to mix, perfect if you want decent quality paint but don't have a spray set up or it's a small job.

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I must say the chipping on yours makes it seem they are not anodised. Anodising doesn’t chip like that, it wears.

Anyway, find a local anodiser and have them chemically stripped and anodised. Probably wouldn’t even cost you £40.

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Early are anodised, later are powder coated, we do a powder coated set for £150

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If you don’t fancy replacements, you could try Cerakote, it’s very thin and virtually indestructible. I have just used a lad in Brigg (North Lincolnshire) to do my engine fan, he’s done a fantastic job. 

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I had mine painted to match the car when it was restored about 2 years ago. They're still perfect.

Before that did the same when it was resprayed 20 years ago, lasted without an issue, only reason I re-did them was for a perfect colour match 2 years ago.




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Cerakote paint is great, it's a very thin coating unlike powder so it doesn't screw up tolerances (e.g. on the engine fan) and durable, BUT the right prep is critical. It's used on many guns and high end restorations.


How much work is it to remove the door handles? I was thinking about drilling mine at the same time for a small visual upgrade.

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