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My car finally home


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Thanks @SurlySurdi hope to start using it soon,busy tinkering with it, spent today removing an old Clifford immobiliser which ended up been a pain but got there in the end, and tidying up the rats nest of aftermarket wiring under dash.

front end seems to sit high need to look into that

also bit of strange noise when driving,can we upload sound recordings onto forum?

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@peter32 I bought car awhile back 50% done, then I sent it to the specialists I use to do abit work on it and get it running then I had a list of stuff I needed and basically I left car for over 5 years just sat in garage but decided time was passing by and needed to get it used so this is where I’m at now, still bits to do but that gives me something to tinker with, just spent the day taking out old Clifford immobiliser and the rats nest of aftermarket wiring under dash, was a bit nervous but got it done 👍🏻

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9 minutes ago, sopor said:

I’m not sure that’s the same car. 😜

Yeh it looks totally different now, got a few things I need to do to get it to were I’m happy but part of the enjoyment tinkering 😊

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Had my little helper on with the start of engine cleaning, think this is going to be a slow process, but plan to just potter on with this a bit each night and hopefully it’ll come up ok, the fan doesn’t seem to clean very well.

what stuff does the rest of you’s use on engine bay? I’m not expecting it to be concours as I haven’t got the time or dedication for that  but just a bit freshening up will do 😊



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