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4 Pot front brake Callipers for 3.2 Carrera


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  • 2 weeks later...

Who’s this cheeky little chap hiding…? 


Quite a bit chunkier than the 3.2 caliper. 


Nice looking unit. 


I’m pretty time short at the mo. So who do you trust to fit them. @jevvy all the way. 



Initial impression is good - plenty of clamping force. Next week we’re going to put the turbo m/c on. So can compare back to back then. 

I’ve got the unused rebel racing fitting kit and a set of used 3.2 front and rear calipers available soon. I’ll put up a for sale ad sometime. 

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  • 2 months later...

Because they are for thicker (and probably larger diameter) discs. The beauty of the early boxter callipers is that they are an almost bolt-on solution, suit standard 3.2 discs and fit under 15" wheels. 

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