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3.2 Carrera looking for advice on Price


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Hi All,

The time to sell my 3.2 Carrera is approaching(1970 ST project is needing some expensive bits soon) and I was just trying to come up with a price to advertise it for. Agreed valuation by John last year was £56k. I was assuming that a sale value to aim for would be maybe 10% less than this.

I had a quick survey of ebay and pistonheads and most of the G50 cars were advertised at over £60K.

I know my car will have a smaller market as its modified but the counter is that I can’t see a similar track car on the market at the moment.

Car will be fully serviced, geometry done and  new set of tyres as the S02’s are getting on a bit. Second set of Fuch will be included. Current milage approx. 136K

Any thoughts welcome on what to advertise for, is 55K too much ?








Modification / Work carries



Roll Cage

Custom Cages - 6-point TIG Welded



Seat Mounts

FIA MSA Approved Weld in Seat Rail Mounting 35mm CDS




Sunroof deleted




Fiberglass bumper blades




Lightweight Aluminium Mounting tubes



Engine Lid

Fiberglass Carrera 3.0



Rear Window

5mm Lexan



Rear Qtr. Windows

5mm Lexan



Front Screen

Laminated heated




RS Bonnet Prop








Sparco - EVO L




Schroth - PROFI II 6 point



Steering Wheel

Sparco - 380mm 3 Spoke



Fire Extinguisher

1.75L MSA handheld




Remove and Blank




Remove and Blank



Door Handles





Flocked Finish






Heating / Ventilation


Full backdate







Battery Switch

FIA Battery Master 6 Pole



Fuse Panel

Classic Retrofit - Blade fuse panel, with headlamp relay




Uprated Power Halogen Bulbs



Power outlets

USB Power outlets x 2



Internal Lighting

All upgraded to LED







Top end Rebuild


At 132,500 miles by Nick Fuljames



Dasnk - Stainless 84mm 1 in 1 out








Strip and inspect

At 132,500 miles by Nick Fuljames



Factory fitted option (code 220) Strip and Recondition

At 132,500 miles by Nick Fuljames




At 132,500 miles by Nick Fuljames






Tie Rods

OEM Turbo



Front A arm Bushing

Rebel S Racing - (RSR) Front Bushing Set



Front Camber Plates

Tarrett  - Monoball Camber Plates



Front ARB Mount




Strut Brace

Rennline - RSR Weld in



Front Damper

Boge/Sachs -Standard Insert



Rear arm bush

Rennline - Mono ball Rear Control Arm Bushing



Rear Spring Plate bushings

Rebel - S Racing (RSR) Rear Bushing Set



Rear ARB Mount




Rear drop Links

Tarett - adjustable drop links



Rear Dampers

Boge/Sachs - Standard Insert







Rear Studs

OEM 72mm



Rear Spacers












Front Pads

Ferodo - DS2500



Rear Pads

Ferodo - DS2500



Front Brake Hose

Goodridge - Stainless Steel Brake Lines



Rear Brake Hose

Goodridge - Stainless Steel Brake Lines






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I don't think its too much, properly sorted car with no sunroof, LSD and engine and box build. Hassle free car.

The only negatives for 'some buyers' would be the seats and cage. Definitely reduces market. But someone looking for a track 911 this would be perfect.

I think remove the sun strip and put some black seats in and the appeal improves for a lot of potential buyers.

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That's really helpful thanks.

My partner was saying it needed black seats so new seats it is. Looked at second had but everything seems pretty grotty and expensive. I'm thinking of just buying a new set of Sparco evo L for £1200, I know seats are a personal thing and they may get swapped out by someone but they should give a nice feel  the car. 

What do you think the issue with the sun strip is? Looks a bit too race car maybe. I was planning on taking this  off anyway but replacing with a new one as its damaged. 
I'll remove it today and see how it looks.

Thanks again 


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the big money G50s are original cars , once you start ripping out interior bits and hoying in cobra seats ,  those buyers fall off a cliff. 

not saying you necessarily dont have buyers, but there is a different buyer group and you need to find the guy who likes the mods.

pricewise, I cant help you much as Im not familiar with the UK market.

but 3.2 G50s are great cars. undervalued imho

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My advice would be to not remove the cage initially - leave it fitted as it is getting harder to add them to road cars.

The platform is perfect for a nice backdate for someone and lots of hard work is done. The chassis upgrades are all top notch. 

I would not spend on Sparcos. You will not get that cash back. I am pretty sure I have seen EVO L seat covers for sale -  just fit new covers in black if you can.

I would try it as is on Car and Classic and see what happens. I have a 915 3.2 with similar miles in standard condition on there at the mo and it is quiet. A G50 stands a better chance for sure. Try it at £57,500 and see if any messages. If nothing after a week drop to £55k, then maybe down to £53,500 in week 3. The eventual selling price may stay roughly the same despite the different asking prices.

If it is staling then start looking at speccing back to stock, selling the bits on here and taking max out of it. August can be a very slow month so let the kids go back to school before you change much would be my advice.

Non-sunroof is a big deal for the right person so make sure that is in the ad title.



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Thanks for the advice Everyone,

I’ve been using the car quite a bit recently, usually with a mountain bike attached to the roof and it does generate a lot of interest. I’ve had a couple of people who knew the value and seems genuinely interested when I said it would be for sale soon.

Listening to them, their thoughts were to use it as I’ve been using it, weekends away, taking out family, attending shows etc rather than as a track car.

It does have dynamat and a full set of carpets, the damping isn’t too harsh and I really did enjoy  driving  it 500 miles over a weekend a couple of months back.

What I was aiming for with the car  more recently was to make it seem more like a  factory RS/GT type car rather that something modified for the track. Its 964 RS door cards and Schroth harness were part of this. Its tempting to replace the wheel with one of these:



 but as John said with the seats I presume its money I wouldn’t get back. Maybe a Porsche horn button for £60 maybe a step in that direction for less money.



·         I’ve removed the sun strip and it dos look better without it, thanks for that advice.

·         The seats seem to be something that everyone think needs sorting.  John, replacement covers was a great idea but looks like they were only ever available for the US market and are no longer available for  some reason. I’m definably going to be replacing the seats,  scanning ebay I’ve  come up with some options. Recaro CS looks like a nice  and there seems to be a few pairs about. Liking the 944 option too thanks Northy.

·         Really don’t fancy removing the cage, lot of work went into modifying the dash making carpets etc so would be a massive pain. One compromise could be to remove the door bars. Think I’ll leave them in for now though. They are mounted low but if they are an issue for someone I could easily remove them.

Thanks for the pricing advice John, I like that approach. 

I’ve got some bits at the platers at the moment but hoping to get them back next week and hopefully all back together the week after that and get some pictures taken.

Thanks again


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Thanks, we're really pleased with how they look. Given them a good clean today and hoping to get some time to fit them later this week. It was 180 mile round  trip to pick  them up, I'd forgotten how nice it was to drive on the motorway. 3k revs at 70mph, 3.5K at 85mph. Give it a full service including valve gaps and its running really well. Genuinely sad to be selling it soon. 

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