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My 914/6 conversion has the engine from a 1980 SC and an external voltage regulator with Bosch part number 0 192 062 007. I don’t know what alternator is in the car and it’s pretty much engine-out time to remove it.

Battery voltage with the engine running is about 13.5V which seems to be enough to keep the battery from going flat but is less than it should be. This particular voltage regulator seems to be NLA and I’m not even sure if it corresponds the the 6’s alternator or the original alternator on the 1.7 litre four cylinder that was in the car originally.

Can I use just any external regulator that plugs into the relay board?


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I tried a Beru regulator given to me by a mate. It’s plug compatible but the plug is offset laterally so it can’t be attached to the relay board with the two screws of the old one. So a cable tie around the relay board had to suffice. System voltage is now up to 13.9 volts so am happier that the battery will survive a long run with headlamps on etc. I have a WOSP alternator with a built in regulator that is on the list of tasks at the likely engine-out planned for the winter.

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