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Fun at Shere Hill climb


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VIDEO:  cleanish launch, 1st time and enjoyed taking my 80yr Paps up the Hill 😂 

She pulled strong, 300k kms on bottom end but could do with a bump steer kit! not a very flat hill 😂

Graham Kerr - was me that waved as I was lining up.


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Once a year in Sept, not a race but as you can see, a proper good laugh and paddock place for the car show all day.  Singer flew up there! 

This was my 4th year entering, previously with 964m and only got in this year so quite "particular" on choice who comes.  Like cars with story and different.  There wasn't a single 964 or 993 going up the Hill I believe in over 200 cars?!

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On 07/09/2023 at 08:30, Chris T said:

How did you in? I've tried 3 years in a row and no luck.... 

Just luck this time, I tried and tried with the 964 to no avail.  Picky but I think one of the new organisers is more open to classic Porsche's and 3.0/3.2's.  I was meant to be in the paddock with a 2.7 and a 718RSK .......neither turned up so there could have been places.

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Applications are open for this now. I’ve put mine in. If you get selected you get three runs up the hill (and entry to the event presumably) but it’s not cheap at £100 :cry: Should be great fun though.

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