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Pressure bleeds failure

Ian Comerford

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I had to disconnect and remove the front callipers to fit new hub seals.  I did the usual with the reservoir to stop too much fluid exiting the system, a piece of plastic bag under the cap to close the cap vent and clamped the overflow pipe with hose clamps. It worked partially, there was still a small amount of fluid dripping out.  When I came to use my pressure bleeder after refitting the callipers it didn’t work at all, the fluid on the reservoir was bubbling due to an air leak.  It looks like the overflow piping has got old, been clamped too many times and is porous in some way.  I had to resort to manual bleeding. 
T he overflow pipe is still fine in its primary function but now cannot be clamped to close it off.  Aside from fitting a new one is there another way of closing off the overflow exit?  Should I unplug the pipe and fit something else to close it off?  Any thoughts, other ways of achieving this?  Thank you

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If you lot hadn't poo pood'd my suggestion of full flexi pipes many threads ago, Ian would have no issues removing the callipers without the need to re-bleed. Just sayin'



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