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Will it fit? Assumed later sports Muffler on ‘79 SC

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Hi 👋🏻 

I’ve bought what I believe is an original Porsche sport back box/muffler (rather than by Dansk/M&K etc.)

It’s a stainless 1-in-1-out with a wide diameter tailpipe for a little more engine noise (mine is a US import and even with a Dansk cat bypass it’s very quiet indeed).

I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how compatible it’ll be on my 1979 SC?

I’ve read that later back boxes will fit on earlier models, but not the other way around.

I’ve attached some images and can share that the part code is 930.111.043.00S 12 01

Any input welcome before I remove the rear bumper and get busy!

Thanks! Duncan

p.s you’ll notice some sheared bolts that’ll I’ll have fun removing before any fun happens!






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One last question before embarking on this.

After watching a load of YouTube videos of people swapping their back-boxes they always seem to replace the straps. 

Mine are in good condition, do people swap them purely for aesthetics and matching condition or because there’s different circumferences of muffler? 

Thanks for your patience with the layman’s questions! 

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All fitted!

Thanks for all the advice. Sounds tastefully throaty without bellowing, very satisfying even at idle. I needed to substitute the strap bolts for longer versions as the circumference of the new muffler appears to be larger than the stock muffler I removed.

Very happy with the Dansk cat bypass and this sport muffler as an interim until one day replacing the lot with SSI’s. 

Thanks again! 




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