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New rubber fuel line nipped from OPC


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Well having stumped up the cash for new engine fuel lines from OPC bit disappointed to find the rubbish packaging has kinked one of the fuel lines....typically the most expensive 'T' line. Do you think this will weaken the rubber pipe? Obviously I can massage it out....which is probably what the parts dept will do if I take it back? But having paid out to renew I don't want to put something on that has already had its integrity compromised. What do people think?




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Thanks chaps - that was my thinking, but was worried I was being fussy and expect OPC will say once up to pressure it would be fine. I'll will take it back.

Out of interest a lot of the fuel line bags are double and treble labelled...ie a label on top saying manufactured recently....though I feel the label underneath may tell a different story being old stock. I've tried to remove to see but it just tears the old one. So sadly still can't confirm that these parts are now new and ethanol safe. 

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Hi @RivieraBob it would appear that FKM ECO hose is resistant to Ethanol higher than 5%, according to the internet. So it may be a “newer” stock part.

But that crimp is a bit sharp and may have distorted the inner wall of the hose. So massaging it may make it look better but it’s now become a weak point, in my opinion.

I’d say definitely take it back. Especially with what it cost!




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