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Brake bleeding issue - no fluid through Stuttgart Classica calipers


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Hi all

I have fitted upgraded brakes to my 76 2.7s.

I have an issue which I think I have the answer but wondered if anyone might have experienced similar 

my from calipers are 6 pot from Stuttgart Classica and from the strut they terminate at the caliper with a solid pipe into a banjo bolt on the caliper. The brakes bleed correctly 

BUT the rears 4 pot have solid copper pipe directly into the caliper ( no banjo ). And I cant get fluid out of the caliper bleed nipples

was thinking the pipe fitting has to go fully in to seal  and May be causing no thru flow

having a banjo bolt means it doesn’t go fully in as it seals with copper washers.

I’ve ordered two banjos for the rears and will try this as the fronts are ok

cant Get any clear answers from S. C 

thoughts ?


regards Keith 


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I have fluid right up to the rear calipers if you remove the pipe at the caliper it flows ok

but once the fitting is screwed back into the caliper nothing flows out the nipples and the brake pedal is solid

its as if there’s no flow through the caliper hence I think it could be the brake fitting where it goes in the caliper blocking

this is why I’ll get a banjo and try that

tje front has a banjo and that working well

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Hi Keith, I would think that it’s quite easy to check with a vernier gauge if the through-bolt hole lines up and is not blocked off. Doubt very much if the sealing washers have any detrimental effect on the position of the bolt hole in the banjo cavity as there will be quite a bit of leeway in the clearances. Much more likely your problem is in the calliper itself? Also double check that the actual bed nipple is indeed clear and not blocked.

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I had the same issue just recently on my BMW. There are three bleed nipples on each front caliper on the BMW :rolleyes: , one simply would not pass fluid. Took it out and sure enough the nipple itself was blocked. Easy fix, hope yours is too.

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  • johndglynn changed the title to Brake bleeding issue - no fluid through Stuttgart Classica calipers

The fluid ports are drilled at 90 degrees to the inlet pipe,so if you put in a copper pipe and fitting like normal you just cap of in the bottom of the hole,if you get a new hose with a banjo it will work ok .

just been out to look at my car as I’m fitting some on today and started et the rear as i have asp elephant racing arms and could see a issue with clearance,and i would have to order some new hoses.on the front caliper the fluid port runs into the middle piston bore and has no bottom face ,so looks like you will need banjo fittings there as well .

i got mine with no hoses,getting new ones to size from helperformance ,exelent service.

To be a kit it should have 4new hoses not the 2 you have.

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this is regarding the brake bleeding of Stuttgart Classica calipers

This worked for me 

the front 6 pot calipers and rear 4 pots must have a banjo and bolt type into the calipers as a normal brake pipe fitting was too long and stopped fluid getting through

Therefore banjo bolt, banjo, 2 copper seals, fitting m10 x1, and -3 steel flex brake pipe

brakes bled perfect first time

why the supplier wouldn’t tell me this when I repeatedly asked I know not

Regards Keith 

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