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NEW CSF Porsche 911/930 Turbo Engine Oil Cooler

Ian Comerford

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Just posted on Pelican and an interesting development.  CSF has a great reputation in engine cooling whether it be air or liquid so this product should deliver. $995, which I think is cheaper than the standard Behr item 


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Still remember the day my original engine oil cooler sh*t its pants, spraying oil all over the brand new Porterfield brake pads I'd just had installed.

Whole incident made slightly less painful by realising the OEM Behr-badged replacement cooler was about half the cost of the Porsche-badged one !

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4 hours ago, fat fuchs said:

Looks like a great replacement part. Nice to see someone bringing an upgraded part to the market without a high price point.

Thanks for sharing


I thought so too and a company with a good reputation pricing it quite keenly.  Good news

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