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Stuck In Second Gear (915)


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Bit of an issue today.

I've had it happen once or twice that my shifter seems to lose its patter and just floats around and gets stuck in a gear.  Well today the same happened when I was in second gear at low speed.  I wiggled the shifter around to see if it would right itself but it just made it worse.  I'm now stuck in second gear and it stuck tight and jammed.

I opened the inspection panel and the linkage is good.  I actually disconnected the linkage to see if my shifter was a problem, which it wasn't.  I then tried to move the shift rod without the coupler and shifter connected and it wouldn't move.  It is stuck and won't even go into neutral.  It feels like it stuck tight in gear.

Clutch is fine as I can drive the car in second and the clutch works.

Never had any issues with the gearbox other than this recently.

Suggestions welcome but I think after xmas I'l have to remove the plate on the transmission and take a look.

I have a horrible feeling my gearbox is going to have to come out and be opened up.

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