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P7 tyres /availability?


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Looking for a new set of P7 Cinturato tyres (225/205 x 16) and seems most places have no stock, are these even available anymore? 


I noted that Longstone have them but at over £300 each for the rears I thought that was a bit much.


If anyone has other supplies let me know






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I think that's the standard price. Are N rated tyres are any different to other tyres, apart from the N stamp?

Anyway, someone has a set on ebay 250 the pair. Also the fronts to go with them. Second hand but not driven on.... 🤔


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They're not the N rated. Different tread I believe.

The P Zero Rosso are supposed to be very good, are N rated, and 'only' £180 each.


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why do they have to be N-rated? would have thought unless you intend to do 130mph on an Autobahn its fairly irrelevant on a 30-40yr old 911 in the UK. I get the Porsche thing but really its money for old rope, as the saying goes...

Interested to know if the Cinturatos are a nice tyre on our cars though? The few times i've had Pirellis on various performance cars over the years i cant say i was that enamoured with them compared to German (or Japanese) rubber.

N-rated tyres are approved by Porsche and have met the highest standards for performance and safety. The "N" stands for Nürburgring, where Porsche tyres are tested in Germany1. These tyres have been thoroughly tested and their compound and pattern remain unchanged from the day they were tested3. The N-specification brandings include N-0, N-1, N-2, N-3, etc., and clearly identify them as approved by Porsche for their vehicles4.


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I'm sure that all premium tyres at this point are very good and I can't see N tyres being any better than others. The choice is whether you want sportiness or comfort or good wet performance or low wear.

Most manufacturers seem to have settled on the parallel line tread for summer or the V patttern for winter. So I have suspicions as to why the 'classic' pattern died out.

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