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SC window switch wiring


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My 3 SC switches (2 on driver's door & 1 on passenger - not sure which switch is which tho) were

1     Black     Red/White     Black

2     Green   Red/Black      Green

3     Red       Red & Red     Red/White

4     Brown   Brown & Bown  Brown

5     Red & Red   Red & Red    Red/Black

Where 3 is the top single connector, then looking from where the wires fit, 1 is top left, 4 is bottom left, 2 is top right and finally, 5 is bottom right.

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Great info thanks!


I took a picture of the back of the switches themselves and enlarged it (so I could see the tiny number printed on it - eyesight) and the pin numbers as viewed from the back is


     3 |

1 -    - 2

4 -    - 5


Connected to this and it all works




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