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Broken bleed nipple!


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Decided at long last (I know, I should have done it earlier) to replace the brake and clutch fluid.

On trying to bleed the rear n/s brake caliper, the nipple was seized solid and with a little effort trying to release it, it sheared off, leaving a small section in the caliper! 
The bleed nipples in the front calipers also seem seized, so, looks like I’ll have to take all the calipers off and try and rectify the issue!

Wish me luck🤞🤞🤞

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Hi Nige,  you’re probably right but I have just managed to get the offending part out of the caliper using an old stud removal kit which I inherited from my old man many, many years ago. (Made of good old British steel👍👍👍).

I’ll need to check to make sure that the thread isn’t bugg**rd!




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