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I’m after some exhaust advice from you knowledgable bunch!

I’m considering swapping out the standard exhaust on my 88 3.2 for a backdate SSI system. I previously had this on my last 86 car, it always sounded epic!

Ive been looking at packages from Design 911 and Type 911 and noticed that the headers are available from both Dansk and SSI, both JP Group companies. I have two key questions, firstly which is the better quality (if at all the differ) and which size primary headers to go for as I note SSI offer two options?

I’d like to mate it all up with an 84mm outlet back box and the heater pipe option so that I can keep the heating system stock.

Any thoughts or advice on the above?




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One and the same now I believe. @Type911 will confirm.

As far As I can remember/know you cannot keep the heating stock with SSIs, you have to back date that too.  
There is also some conventional wisdom that backdating a 3.2 exhaust makes little or no difference to performance, sound maybe but you could get that with a different back box only.

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41 minutes ago, Chris_911 said:

There is a new Dansk/SSI system that keeps the 3.2 heating and has more appropriate primary sizing for the 3.2.

Yes, I believe they now do 41mm headers.

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