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How to lower the rear


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Hi there 

I’m looking to lower the rear slightly and set up the car properly as I’ve dropped the front a little already. 
is this a job for a good independent or can it be tackled yourself? 
what’s the process and the lists of parts needed? 

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It’s very DIYable.  It just takes patience to get it right.  Have a Google for the Ray Scruggs guide. That explains how to do it with basic tools.  It’s not just lowering, it’s alignment too. 911 suspension is very adjustable and easy to *beep* up. 

Assuming everything is in good nick (bushes, bush retaining cover etc) you shouldn’t need any parts.  If it’s not been off for a while, getting the Torsion Bars out can be a struggle. 



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Hi ,

  I would say that`s a yes, but have found this requires quite a lot of kit, and time. To lower the car is relatively easy, but the car must be sitting level , ie on level ramps. You  can confirm level by using a bucket and hose method.

 What you are likely to need in process of lowering is; grease for the rubber bushes- (eg 3M Silicone paste) assuming your car is standard bushes, a 12mm allen key cut off, a thinned down large open spanner for the plates, might new lock washers for the camber/toe adjusters.

   Am really not a fan of corner balancing , but the old school Porsche way is to use a tripod tool on  the front of the car , then with the front wheels off the ground, measure the respective height of the rear torsion bars to make sure they are equal. This really isn`t easy , nor really all that safe!

   With regard to Ray Scruggs, there is also a very good advice from L shaped Garage, Its a Lotus website, but one of them is a former 3.2 owner.( there are various sessions on Youtube) As my eyesight is shot, use a Dunlop Optical gauge, Turning plates, , Camber gauge, strings as L shaped garage. 




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let see the picture of your spring plates left and right.After i can-we can tell you what it takes and how difficult it will be.It could be very easy job about 1 hour or the whole week;-)

it all depend on you adjustment what you have now-have to see it 1`st



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