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G50 930 Clutch Pedal Problem

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Hi Guy's


Driving me mad

Disconnected the clutch master cylinder linkage from the pedal to replace the nylon bush, the pedal jumped forward an inch or so, replaced the bush and the pedal would not go back down to allow me to attach the master cylinder linkage.

Stripped out the passenger side footwell, repositioned the ac evaporator to gain access and reset the linkage but now I get a clunk when pressing down the pedal and on the return.

It seems to happen as the linkage goes from a positive to a negative position, I have stripped it down a dozen times to grease but cant stop the clunk, if I disengage the spring it stops, clunks with and without the master cylinder attached

There is a slight play in the linkages 911 423 567 00 but no clunk before I disconnected the master cylinder linkage


Any idea’s I have viewed the writeup by Sladey but cant see a problem only done 60,000 so not much wear



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