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stuck hand brake plate


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Trying to replace a rear wheel bearing and have found that the plate that the handbrake shoes rest on is stuck fast to the banana arm. I have tried heating it and letting it cool. I have tried tapping it with a hammer. I have hit it with a hammer on virtually every possible surface. I have put the 4 bolts for the retaining plate back in most of the way and then tried the bearing using the bearing puller against the 4 bolt heads to pull the bearing out and dislodge the plate. No joy. Any ideas short of a dremel?

The plate on the other side came off without issue. There are subtle differences between the two plates which makes me think the first one had been replaced at some point earlier while the stuck one could be original and in place since day 1.


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Felix, if this has resisted all of the efforts that we have been discussing in the background I would be getting a cutting disc onto it and removing it destructively.  Time for a new one.

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