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Porsche 911 3.4 RUF CTR Yellowbird.


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Hello Chaps


Well as above.


I really really..really like the look of this car!!

Its for sale via 911Box..I am guessing you guys have seen it. Whats it about??..Can anyone shed any light on how this car sits in the "hall of great" Porsche cars?

I do like it, but sadly I dont know to much about them..Is it special? If so how special?? And 80k!!! Where does that sit in the great scheme of things? THE PERFORMANCE FIGURES LOOK STAGGERING..AND THAT MOTOR MUST BE TUNED TO WITHIN A HAIRSBREATH OF LETTING GO! Any thoughts please Thanks Steve

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Thanks Aircooled..Ive read that and it certainly is a balistic missile for sure!. Where does it sit in terms of value for money and dare I say de- value risks?..

I do like it but would you wake up without your shirt on at some point. I see they did less than 30 cars, but it isnt a Porsche "special" so to speak. Is this sort of car worth a look, or is it just high money, and low on road use sence?

Excuse the Ignorance but I have come out of a modern 9972s only a few weeks ago and now run a 3.2 1988 sport for pleasure. Thanks again.


I need to learn to read!! Ok me glance down the topic board. Sorry guys..

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The thing with Ruf is this. If Porsche is the ultimum in the pecking order on the German Autobahn, and if you find a tuner who is able to launch innovations and improvements on Porsche Road cars faster then Porsche themselves, then Ruf is creating, arguably, the "ultimate Porsche."


Have a look here to have an idea to what good old Alois Ruf came up with as an "evolution" of the standard 1978 SC




When Ruf looked at the Turbo, they said: "mmm it would be better, faster and juuuust right according to our gut feeling/calculations to make a 3.243cc out of the 3.o turbo lump. Also, Porsche is claiming that the standard 930 box has to be a 4 speeder because a 915 cant handle the torque... Rubbish, let's make our own RUF 5 speed 930 box". Enter 1977: a 3.3 turbo, 0-100km/h in 5.1 sec and top of 263 km/h


An evolution of the ruf turbo was called the BTR... group B Turbo Ruf. An AWESOME machine and I spoke, early 2000, with Tilman Gregor who racked up over 200.000 kms with the Prototype BTR. Ruf figured that the 3.2 shell had a lower

drag coefficient then the 930 shell, so they lightened that and wedged in a 3.4 turbo engine with 374 hp and 5 ;) gears... 0-100 km/h 4.6 sec, top 281 km/h...1169 kgs.....


When you read the modified machines here on IB, well: Ruf has done it or even invented it.


The CTR, when it came out, was an evolution of that fabulous BTR. It was the era of the Porsche 959, the ferrari 288GTO, the ferrari F40.... Icons in their own right. SO when Road and Track decided to test those originals out, they decided to include a few "bespoke" cars.... AMG Hammer 300E5.6, Ruf CTR.


Ruf CTR: a 3.4 twin turbo 469 hp 1150kg machine, 0-100 km/h: 4.8 sec, but 0-200 km/h in 11.3 sec (!) and a top speed of 339km/h (or 211 mph) and at Nardo even 342 km/h or 213 mph....


In comparison with the 959: 0-100km/h 3.9sec, 0-200km/h 14.3 sec, 1450 to 1590 kgs, top of 315 km/h or 196 mph.


Ruf is the fly in the ointment of mighty Porsche... the only manufacturer who dared to do what even porsche couldn't pull off in production.


Ruf became a manufacturer outright in 1983- all Ruf build cars have Ruf vin numbers, the Ruf modified cars retain a porsche VIn. Knowing (loads of details ) of Ruf is rare and people who do I can count on one hand in the UK. A lot of them seem to be on pistonheads btw :whistling:







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This car is 2 mins off my route home from work taking pride of place in the showroom, so stopped off just before christmas to take a peek with my son who is CTR mad (thanks to the play station)

Must say its a rather funky colour but it does 'date' it a little, in the flesh it makes it look older than it actually is, prob due to git green being a 70's colour, saying that i wouldnt have said no had the Mrs asked it i wanted it for Christmas.

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