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Northy's 911SC


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I managed to get my car on the weigh bridge today:



That was with the spare and tool roll onboard and just under a 1/4 of a tank.


I have removed the following from the car:

- rear seat backs and bases

- flag mirrors swapped for 964 RS spec teardrops

- no centre console

- no brake dust sheilds


Getting your car weighed is dangerous... I was planning the items to be dumped on my way home.

- stereo, rear sound pad, RS door cards, leccy sports seats, carpets, light bumpers and panels......I would like to get it under 1100 kilos though.


I also had yesterday off for this:




Which was interesting...

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Ours are pretty similar not just in colour then Lewis: 1167kgs, with rear spoiler and full tank.


Polished wheels must be worth a kilo a corner though!


Done more miles in mine this week than in any other since buying it - can't stop smiling. Just listening to the engine (even on the motorway) is a pastime all on its own. Radio is surplus to requirements.


Certainly enjoying getting properly acquainted with the car so far. Got it seriously squirrely for the first time yesterday: felt that fabulous sensation where the suspension begins to unload, the car goes light and traction temporarily loses its fight.





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I managed to get my car on the weigh bridge today:


Well I'm down on that a lot for the lard-arrrr5e Tea tray spoiler and then up a bit for the fg bonnet :huh:


Btw, what size are your wheels ?

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Btw, what size are your wheels ?

16"s x 7 + 6 mate - just with spacers at the rear.


Go on then, Lewis, tell us why you had it off. Was it forensics?


To quote Roy Walker "It's a good guess but it's not right".


John is on the money, it was a photo shoot for 911 & PW - I don't know the etiquette with these things, so I don't know if I should say what the article is about? But as a clue, Boxsters are now about £10K...


Really good day out though. It was interesting watching the pro snappers at work and I got to be a hooligan on a large tarmac area :)

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I've not used the car since Snertterton in September (?) and I finally finished all the work this week and got it MOT'd. It flew through and only needed an indicator bulb that I must have left out whilst doing the rear fog light mod detailed here: Nick Moss's under bumper fog delete


To recap, over the summer and last few months I've done the following:


The bulk of the work is for lightening purposes but I have also made a few other tweaks.




I wanted a more 'RS' feel, to remove some of the un-used junk and basically have a tidy up. So the following has been done:


- Nardi wheel swapped for a Momo 07

- Front door cards swapped for Appbiz RS America cards

- Stereo and wiring removed

- Rear seats removed, rear parcel pad removed, sound deadening removed

- Paint on sound proofing added to remove some resonance

- AppBiz RS carpet kit fitted

- Sparco buckets replace Sports Seats for track use

- Harness bar added

- Centre console deleted




- Hankook RS2s replace the old Pirelli P-indestructibles

- Sourced some 8" fuchs for the rear

- 7s and 8s diamond cut and then anodized - the finish is similar to unpainted factory fresh wheels.

- Sourced a duck tail for track days (not sprayed yet though).


Engine & Box:


- Full services including valves, timing etc

- Silicon valve cover gaskets

- Silkolene 5w 50 oil

- Standard exhaust removed and SSIs fitted - SSIs have been customised to accommodate a slide in twin can rally silencer - Twin in, Twin out.

(Thread here)

- Main oil lines changed for early ones to fit SSIs and also replaced where necessary




- Battery replaced with an Odyssey 680 in custom built holder.

- Still got to delete the Clock in favour of an additional dash vent


Having done a few miles in it today my overall opinion is that it feels quicker than I remember, the huge upsurge in power it had at 3500 rpm has smoothed out and it feels torquer low down. The exhaust is noisy and has a much lower tone than I thought would - but through the gears it sounds pretty damn good. I think I'm going to need a quieter option for normal use so in the new year I might look into getting a dansk 2 in 1 out modified to fit my SSIs or perhaps speak to someone about fabbing me something up.


The car feels really light now and is stiff enough even on the standard TBs - this has got to be down to the Koni adjustables being set to 'hard-as-fook'. At snett it weighed 1068kg with some tools and bits and bobs on board, since then I've dumped the big battery, rear wheel adapters and standard SC exhaust. So I figure I must be down to ~1055 kg now as the battery alone is 10kg IIRC.


I'll get some pics once I've got the new front wheels fitted up. I'll also take some video at the weekend :)


Shame it's all finished too late for the track day season - but roll on 2009!

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Is this any good and where do you get it?


Yes it's good stuff. It definitely took a long of the ring out of the panels. Pre party boy exhaust the car was no louder than with the factory stuff in. I bought second skin spectrum - I can't remember what the place was called though. You can get it on ebay.

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Did a few final bits on the interior today. Here's how it worked out:










If I was doing it again, I'd use spray on adhesive for the carpet. I used a brush on one and it went on a bit thick in a couple of places and soaked through a bit. Other than that I'm pretty happy with it all. The Recaros are bloody lovely, one of my favourite additions to the car.


The fire extinguisher mounted using the existing gear linkage cover plate screws, which was a stroke of luck.


The harnesses are taking a bit of getting used too, but will be good for track use. They attached straight into the rear seat belt mounts, which is handy.


Just got to have a look at the headlining, sort out the standard ventilation, swap the clock for a vent and replace the membrane behind the doors with a new one.


I'm having some new parts sprayed at the minute, so I'll update with an exterior shot next week.


On the negative side, I measured the exhaust with a new decibel meter today ~ 106 db @ idle! Time to get that M&K on methinks.

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Well they're meant to be Furious but the shells are labelled as PPs. My sources tell me it's just the material that's different.


Alloy mounts are worth getting - they're very light.

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Well they're meant to be Furious but the shells are labelled as PPs. My sources tell me it's just the material that's different.


Alloy mounts are worth getting - they're very light.

Looking good Lewis :ani_clapping:


Looks like mine (...will look if I ever get it finished... :blush:) Just 'how' light are the PP alloy mounts ? I have steel ones on atm and they're 'not' light. Material is the same for PP and Furious. Only differences are solid Recaro lettering on the headrest and shoulder protection pads on the PP.


Agree about the Recaros being the dogs :D

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Looks really nice lewis.


Tempted by some carpets myself, they look really good.


The recaros are one of the best purchaces I made. Very nice.


Can't believe 106db at idle!!!

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