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what is the lever in the airbox that seems to open a flap or something like? if you put your hand in the airbox you can push a white block upwrds, that is the thing i mean. If i push mine there is a very very strange noise!!!!

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Unless the ignition is on and within the first second or so of you turning it on the pump should not run. just moving it should not cause any noises.





is it meant to sound squeally? and should it be hard to push?


It should not make any nosies and be easy to move. Does it move back on its own?


Have you got a running problem?

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movesback fine on its own, when i took the car to the paintshop a couple of weeks ago it was running finish buut felt like the brakes were on, turned out that they were! or at least the wheels were bloody hot ! wouldnt pull away in 2nd just didnt seem to have the power and felt like it was being held back !

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