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Removing air conditioning? How?


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Next job on the car is my aircon unit, this was fitted in 2003 by Portiacraft, the wire have been deisconnected and there is no fan on it now.

I have no idea why this was removed, I presume it was not working.


There is a A/C rad covering about 1/3rd of the spolier vent and only one condenser? in the passenger footwell. There is nothing under the front bumper..


It was suggested to me that it was not great when factory fitted and that the gas it runs on is now not available, whilst there is a replacment it needs a regular re-charge.


The suggestion was to remove it, but know with some time on my hands tomorrow I am not sure how to remove it?

I guess the gas is not something I want going everywhere?


Any suggestions or links to removal, I tried the search but no success..

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It may sound like a strange question, but when I loosen the hoses off by the compressor, what will actually happen?!?!


I think it will be a lot of work removing all the hoses down to the front passenger footwell, they seem to exit on the passenger side of the engine bay and then thread into the passenger footwell.


I'd like to remove the seats so that I can clean and replace various carpet bits and will probably just re-treat the floor which is good nick. I guess I will be able to find the exact route then?

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The hoses are under the floor, not in the cabin. They go up the sides to the dryer in the nsf arch and then to the evap in the smuggler's box (or behind the pax footboard on RHD). They need to come out as they weigh about the most of everything in the system.


Seats are just held in with 4 10mm bolts, easy take them out.


Nothing should happen when your hoses are disconnected, gas has probably leaked out long ago.


My removal thread is here Pouch.

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Well the AC has all been removed, it had already had one of the pipe cut, so there was no gas to leak out, just a lot of piepes and wiring, in a lot of different places!!


In the end there was a condenser fan behind the rear nearside wheel, unit in the footwell and rad under the spoiler and compressor.

Just need to decide what to replace the no defunct A/C button with.


I was a bit concerned the floor was a bit rusty, but it was the metal they used to fix the unit in the foot well 5 years ago.. Floor is in great shape and my carpets now fit properly!

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