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  1. Will let you all know how I get on with it. We are doing the Trois Epis Rally and Hillclimb in Alsace next month and it can get a bit warm and wet at this time of year Mike
  2. What are they ? and where do you get them ?
  3. The aircon on my 1985 911 Carrera 2 hasn't worked properly for ages. When I asked a local specialist to recharge it he told me that it was originally filled with R12 gas. It is apparently illegal to use this now and the fittings for recharging it are different. I have been told if I get adaptors on e-bay they can charge it with the later gas 134 Although this has now been superseded you can still use it The Porsche manual says if you have lost gas you should replace the drier unit. The questions are Will the system work OK with 134 gas ? Where are the charging point
  4. I use an 86 Carrera 2 for hill climbs fun rallies and track days. The brakes used to go away very quickly which I cured by using Castrol SRF to prevent boiling but they still vanish after a lot of hard use.I have been told that Boxster calipers should fit and with a bigger pad area should solve the problem any ideas. Mike
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