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  1. These are very nice and make a great sound! I participated in a little video with one last year at Bruntingthorpe for a USA vs Germany coupe battle.. G
  2. I am not quite sure why, but this beemer just looks so well presented and you don't see many of them around.. fast, practical and discrete.. Manual! https://www.hexagonclassics.com/car/bmw-540i-m-sport-touring--e39---manual--2004 G
  3. Looks lovely! Based in Herts too 👍 G
  4. That reminds me, your valuation runs in out 3 months... G
  5. Thanks Mark, I did not know that... would love to know the numbers.. I suspect Porsche probably do not provide that info.. G
  6. I hope everyone is safe and well out there? Had some exchanges on social media with Cotswold Porsche, which prompted this post. They had a lovely late 80's factory collected non sport model and suggested that these models were not that common place. Which made me wonder.. is there anyway I could find the production numbers in the UK for non sport models? Would it be 1000's or 100's? I suspect at the time the Sport model was the ultimate choice.. G
  7. People used to always ask us which was faster.. We never did race each other, we were sensible boys... I think the 205 was a better all-rounder.. The R5 was turbo-lag tastic! That shape still looks great. Was it Pininfarina?
  8. 309 was meant to handle better from what I could remember?
  9. In the early 90's, when I lived at home, I owned a 205 1.9 GTI in Topaz blue and my older brother Renault 5 GT Turbo in pearl white. I went on to own another 205 GTI in Sorrento green many years later.. Something about the way they drive, like a go-kart, I loved it.. always remember selling the 205 privately, the phone would ring off the hook for enquires.. G
  10. Thanks - just saw that announcement.. makes everyone's life allot easier.. G
  11. I have managed to book into a local garage on Friday. Any tips/tricks? I am sure I read somewhere it is worth having a long drive and get the engine warmed before hand..? G
  12. I think that is for just Trucks and trailers? Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles still need one.. G
  13. Yes, Porsche Hatfield - 4 miles away, Also have Jaz on my doorstep 2 miles away, however cannot get through to them.. Not sure about using main dealer, they probably won't be able to drive it 😁 G
  14. Thanks Busybee, yes it sounds likely that a potential postponement/suspension could be on the cards.. As said before, not a big deal considering what is happening right now. She is fresh out of storage, looking as lovely as ever! Going for a nice long drive later, given the nice conditions and try to take my mind off things... G

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