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  1. @johndglynn always poking around with something, Essen 2008
  2. A classic moment here, starring yours truly and @jevvy the moment my 3.6 transplant came alive (BTW, I'm no where near that fat now!)
  3. Yeah, that guy's a right troublemaker!
  4. They sure have mate, still enjoy a good steak now and again though
  5. 1987, aged 17 with my first car, bought from my uncle, loved this car until the floor fell out shortly afterwards upgraded to an Alfasud that I enjoyed for a couple of years before rolling it
  6. Me and Mrs ACE have been busy in the kitchen too! She made some awesome Easter cupcakes I've been busy baking too, bread and croissants being the main achievements: Recipe is from Paul Hollywood's "Bake" book, link here Paul Hollywood's Croissants This one is adapted from this recipe I used 50% wholemeal bread flour / 50% white bread flour and added some pumkin / sunflower and sesame seeds Chilli is always a good recipe to have in your repertoire, this one is my own, I make my own chilli powder from 2 dried ancho chillies and 4 dried red chillies, just whizzed up in a spice grinder. Fry off a couple of chopped onions with 500g of good quality minced beef, when brown add a 3 good sized cloves of garlic (crushed), cook for a minute or 2, then add the chilli powder, 2 teaspoons each of cumin and coriander powder, a tablespoon of dried oregano, a 4 squares of good quality dark chocolate, a couple of rich beef stock pots (I use knorr), cook for a few more mins, add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, a tin of kidney beans, 200g of chopped mushrooms, simmer for half an hour or so, the add 3 chopped peppers and simmer for another half hour, might need a splash of water if it gets too think. Season to taste, maybe add a little brown sugar if the tomatoes are a but sour. Made this deep pan pizza based on this recipe added our own toppings, including some sausage meat balls made using our home made sausage meat Looks like everyone is eating well at the moment, keep up the good work!!
  7. My old jalopy was born in 1984, loving Nige & JG photo's too
  8. That Essen trip was great, remember the little hotel we stayed in and the late nights drinking Kir Royales 🤣
  9. Make's me want to roadtrip in France again as soon as we are able to! We have a Loire Valley trip on the list. Dick! How's it going mate, hope all is well with you and yours? That is the 3.6 car, regularly kick myself about selling it! 😭😭
  10. @johndglynn That was such a good trip, you'll be pleased to hear that I have a more refined pallet these days (although still enjoy a good steak!). Remember when you fell over that "invisible" wall when we were walking back from the Bastille day celebrations in the little town we stayed in, don't think I've ever laughed so much Also remember that bloody "veggie" bus that we ate in when nothing else was open! Good times for sure mate 👍
  11. Hey Steve / Roy! Doing ok cheers, I still check in here now and again, still no Porsche on the horizon for me I'm afraid 😑 I've got thousands of photo's, will kick off with this one from Le Mans 2006, with Northy and family: Those days I still had my 930: Brands Hatch 2006 with Bruce & Andy: Here's the sheriff, tinkering with a 917 engine at Essen in 2008: Paparazzi: Great trip to Classic Le Mans in 2008: The famous painting your fuchs indoors project Calipers ready for the oven (the kitchen oven that is!) Great times with some fantastic mates! Will dig out some more......
  12. Great thread, some fantastic memories! Will check out my photo archive!
  13. LOL, Wishing well, is well and truly gone! Like this thread, it's like the IB of yesteryear....

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