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  1. Hi, The ports are 39mm The Fuel Head and WUR are both Bosch items with the following markings 0438100031 , which is the part No then an additional 16376 which is "stamped" into the label. The only markings I can see on the WUR are 090 as per pic also. Are there any other markings I should be looking for?
  2. Maybe I have the price wrong. I did post in the market place discussion without any responses. How about £800 ?????
  3. I am doing this a bit backwards as I have already posted this for sale, didn't realise this part of the forum existed. Amazing what you find when you read the "Rules for Selling Parts on IB - READ THIS" Anyway just after a bit of advice on what this system is really worth. I had a rough stab from eBay, but I may be way off. Thanks, Mick
  4. Removed from a 1980 SC 3.0 Complete as per Pics including the ignition CDI unit. I have no real history as to what state this was in when removed. It came with the car that I bought which was already dismantled.. Its been sitting for at least 6 years that I know of, could be a lot more. I am going with a standalone ECU and hopefully throttle bodies, so this is not needed. Does still have the K&N filter as well ( as per the sticker on the airbox). Not really sure where to price this as the cheapest I can find on ebay is ~ £2K Want this gone so priced at £1000 if anyone any specific info or more pics please just ask.
  5. I am Interested in these, they have obviously been fitted to your car. Just some queries on them. Why have you swapped them out? Are the photos how they look now or before you fitted them?
  6. Did this rear mounted oil cooler development progress to anything? I am virtually having to redo my entire system, however if this is a viable option, I would be interested.
  7. HI David, If Darkstar32 does not take these. I will take the other 2 seals that flat6 does not want. £20 + postage? Mick
  8. Removed from a 1980 SC, looking at the condition they all appear to be in original condition. I would class them all as in Very good condition. The front seats only have the slightest bit of wear on the piping to the drivers seat. See pics Unfortunately I do not have either the rear seat squabs or the front door cards to make the complete set. Also the centre console has the obligatory screw holes for mounting the 1980 Car phone Rather than ramble on about condition I've uploaded lots of photos. Looking for £1800 for the lot ( I don't want to split at this stage )
  9. Jevvy, Sorry new to IB. Yep mark them as sold. Mick
  10. Message sent regarding the parts I'm interested in Mick
  11. Whale tail spoiler Original White Genuine Spoiler removed from a 1980 SC A few minor marks on the white solid section, however the black rubber section is in very good condition. £120 Collected from Newbury RG14 I also have the engine lid which has a small ding where I dropped it for an extra £20
  12. Hi David, Can you please respond to my messages regarding collection of these tie rods. Mick
  13. David, If they are still available I will be interested in the rods and other set of boots please Mick
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