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  1. I am going to replace the fan belt, I know there are 6 washers used to adjust tension but putting a certain number either side but what’s the split for a new belt?
  2. What do you mean have a little oil on the exchangers?
  3. Drove it again tonight but probably only quarter of a mile if that to my garage, how far should I drive it to properly warm it up.
  4. I’m guessing that’s my next post!!! Has anyone washed their boot carpet!!!!
  5. It’s the whole front compartment carpet
  6. Never could get the interior light in my targa to work!!
  7. Hello all, after having a mouse nest in my front compartment smells of mouse P*ss, I want to clean my carpets any recommendations for a carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning product.
  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t driven their car much!!
  9. Is that a good thrashing!!!
  10. Hello all, following on from my previous not starting post, previously new battery fitted and now starts on the button however moved it from place of storage to home in preparation for mot I noticed a lot of blue smoke coming from the exhaust, should I be worried or is it a consequence of the car being stood for nearly 18 months without being started?
  11. Thanks all, I will drive my car more !!!
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