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  1. Happy to subscribe, I really appreciate the efforts you make in running the forum, must be a lot of work involved.
  2. Went to pick up my wife's M140i from the local BMW dealer a few years back, but there was a problem with it. As we'd already put her previous lease car back, they gave us their M3 demo for a few days. It was very nice, you could make quite a few adjustments to have as as you wanted. I think I had it with the softest suspension setting, but the most aggressive throttle response, it was fun anyway. Only downside I can remember was that I was using a few B roads at the time, and it seemed quite wide. I never got the measuring tape out, but it felt wider than my old M5, at least certainly no narrower.
  3. Car looks great, also seems a good buy considering what else is for sale at the moment. I see a few Japanese imports appearing, are there any downsides to them?
  4. Congratulations, that looks fantastic.
  5. Oh, that is very nice. Yes, a bit painful to see it for sale I'm sure.
  6. I recently fitted a 40 mm BG spacer, needed a horn button retaining ring as below. https://www.b-gdirect.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=46272
  7. Thanks for the heads up on this, just ordered. If you don't already know, if you make the order through Topcashback you'll get a further 4.8% cash back for anything from Eurocarparts, provided it's mail order. That's the current deal at least.
  8. I started looking into this when I saw the blue one, seems it's been done by quite a few as DIY. Here's one example, but there are others. Rather than buying the bell housing, I think you can have the original modified. https://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/threads/smg-to-manual-conversion-complete-with-pics.150793/
  9. Fancy that, same colour as mine. I need to stop looking at this, I have enough cars. But was reading up on the manual conversion, and i love this colour. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909031815047?fromSavedAds=true&advertising-location=at_cars
  10. Sounds good, please keep me updated.👍
  11. Love the new look. Only downside is it makes me want one of these badges all the more.😊
  12. The normally mobbed Costco yesterday, not the most exciting of photos.
  13. I also have an E39 M5, had it nearly 7 years now, the longest I've kept any car by a long way. Have thought about moving it on before, but it's a difficult car to replace. That yellow 996 looks great, but this is the one I keep looking at, although mainly for the price. Looks to be great value provided it doesn't come with a story, and from what I've read a decent dealer? https://www.ashgood.co.uk/vehicle-details/Used-Porsche-911-Turbo-For-Sale-U1794 The other car I keep looking at is this, great colour. Don't know how much a manual conversion would come to, but has got me thinking a bit.https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909031815047?fromSavedAds=true&advertising-location=at_cars
  14. I'm in Norway a lot, so used to seeing Tesla's, Very popular mainly due to reduced taxes, no road tolls, allowed to use some bus lanes, many charging points etc. Love the MR2, couldn't afford one at the time when they were on the go. Did have a Corolla GT though, the FWD one which at least had the same engine, I think. Off to look at ebay🙂
  15. Looks good to me, OK for reaching the indicators etc?

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