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  1. I'm in Norway a lot, so used to seeing Tesla's, Very popular mainly due to reduced taxes, no road tolls, allowed to use some bus lanes, many charging points etc. Love the MR2, couldn't afford one at the time when they were on the go. Did have a Corolla GT though, the FWD one which at least had the same engine, I think. Off to look at ebay🙂
  2. Looks good to me, OK for reaching the indicators etc?
  3. Thanks, not sure if I can use the eccentric, my legs are pretty close to the wheel as it is, so I think it will be no use when turning. I'll take the wheel off when I get home and try different distances before ordering. Trying to achieve a few things, more space between legs and the wheel, more clearance to the dash and the wheel closer to me, I have the seat pretty much all the way back. Being able to see the dials better would also be a bonus, I guess the compromise might be the indicators etc. being a bit further away.
  4. Thanks for that, but John has already added me.👍
  5. I was all ready to order, now I've changed my mind again☺️ Think I'll wait til I'm back home and try to measure up.
  6. That's good to see, then 40mm should be no issue.
  7. Andy, your car looks great. Must be very satisfying to have done the work yourself. I'd be very much up for a run sometime, April should work for me, as long as I can get back in time.
  8. Think I'll order one and see how I get on. Do you know what size of spacer it was on yours?
  9. Glorious sound. Even the starter motor sounds good.
  10. Really happy with the wheel, other than it's a bit far away. Was thinking of trying a 40mm spacer like the one below, or is that a bit too much? I think it could do with being quite a bit closer. https://www.b-gdirect.com/40mm-steering-wheel-spacer?search=40mm steering
  11. Fantastic cars. I had one several years back, was a 2002 model so looked pretty much like yours, but with a black roof. The red and silver looks really good, and perhaps a bit more special. You will read a lot about them being difficult to handle, but I never found that, I thought it drove great, the engine and gearbox is second to none. I see there's a guy further along my street now has one, I look at it admiringly when I'm out walking the dog.😊 Really nice design, they've managed to create that look where it's as if the metal is stretched over the wing. Make's me wonder why I sold it.
  12. I used to work in an Iveco garage, so saw the occasional Deutz engined truck. Nothing like that though😊. Love the overkill in that, where does he go camping?
  13. What is that, a Magirus Deutz, something russian, or something else?
  14. Sounds good, I'll likely just go for that then. Plan to get round to it in the next month or so. Spent some time admiring your youtube videos today, found them very thought provoking, started looking at the ferry routes to spain😊 Maybe next year⛴️
  15. Thanks for the replies, very happy with it now. Glad I took it out for a decent run yesterday, rubbish weather today. Main reason for not doing any further adjustments was that I think I will replace the rear spring plate bushes before too long. Did a search as to what others have fitted, seems to be a lot of positive remarks regarding Neatrix, is that still regarded as the way to go?
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