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  1. Thanks, I could see from your diagram that it was all there. just fitted the wrong way. All good now, appreciate the help.
  2. Took the seats and some carpet out of the car today, looking to do some thorough cleaning, but also to attend to loose trim that was picked up on the PPI. However, after having a proper look, I think I have a couple of pieces of trim missing. There is a faint line that appears to have been some trim that is no longer there, or is it just not folded the right way?? I've added a diagram that I think might be the missing part, number 22. Could someone please confirm this for me? I had a look on Google, but struggling to find a photo of that exact place in the car.
  3. Happy New Year everybody, all the best to you and yours.
  4. L22D LT, the same codes as mine. Slate grey, black sports seats with red piping.
  5. That looks great, congratulations. Love red or green with gold wheels.
  6. I just drag and drop, very easy to use this site once you join.
  7. The packaging was spot on, it's a heavy book.
  8. Just arrived, and very well packaged 😊 Thanks for the quick delivery, very much appreciated.
  9. Makes cleaning under the arches a very easy job. I just jacked up one side at a time and removed the wheels, sprayed some G101 and left for 5 minutes, then blasted all the dirt off. You can get the lance right inside the arches, or completely under the car. Best car cleaning tool I've bought for a long time.
  10. Bought one of these a few days ago, got round to using it today. Basically a cut down power washer lance that you can get easily under the car, wheel arches etc. Comes with a selection of jets that clip into the snaptite connection, worked a treat. https://www.in2detailing.co.uk/products/nilfisk-series-deluxe-swivel-quick-release-short-trigger-gun-with-quick-release-nozzles?_pos=1&_sid=317769815&_ss=r Of course, a before and after shot, although it was higher up where most of the dirt came off from.
  11. I realised I was not getting full throttle before I did the clutch last month, so I thought that's what the issue would be. So after putting the engine and gearbox back in, I adjusted the throttle cable and checked both ends. The throttle response was much better, but still unable to go above 5800 rpm. The sensors were a bit of a pain to change, first the bolts were seized into the bracket, which meant removing it complete. Then found that the sensors themselves were seized solid in the bracket, they came out in pieces, had to drill out the last bits. Shame I never changed the flywhe
  12. I did a search before posting and saw you'd had an issue with the CHTS. It looks easier to change ay least, if I ever have to. I'll have a look through the car's history to see if it's been done previously.
  13. Had an issue where the engine would not rev past 5800 rpm, pulled fine up to that rpm, but dead wall from there, like hitting a limiter. After speaking with Stuart Paterson at SP Autobahn, he suggested changing out the flywheel speed sensor. Decided to change both sensors while I was there, but it's done the trick, car is now revving better than ever. Just thought I'd post this in case someone has similar issues, although it's maybe a common thing anyway?
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