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  1. I agree we all need to do our bit to look after our own backyard, but I think electricity production to replace fossil fuels is not it. We all are drunk on the amount of energy we use. Keeping the same conveniences we enjoy but simply changing the energy source wont work. There is nothing that can replace crude oil for its energy density. All dates predicted by all folk on both issues (man made climate change and peak oil) have passed and will continue to pass. Perpetual outrage on the topic is only getting people wound up for no reason. The fact the media only portray one side of the argument (and don't talk about nuclear) simply fuels cynicism on my part. Electric cars wont alleviate fossil fuel dependency. You might have a chance of replacing some of the existing grid with renewables but as described before - everybody's personal energy consumption will at least double with an electric car - A increased fossil fuel grid probably won't even meet this need. It's firstly a money making venture (tax payer dollars fund these projects with Tesla/Dyson/Porsche + vehicle sales revenue) and a control technique. Understanding who is filling up, when and where is useful data... Who's Greta?
  2. My only question is why? Why EV? What does it offer that is better then Petrol? Does it save the environment? Yes, but does it? 13kn/h per household/per day in the UK is the average energy usage. Put a 40kw/h BMW I3 in your drive and only charge it once every 4 days and you still double your energy output. Where does our energy come from? Some Scandinavian countries might be 100% renewable, but not the UK/US or China. Plus, if everyone doubles their demand.....even Scandinavia will blackout. We wont be able to build coal fired power stations fast enough. Is it cheap? Yes but is it? To fill up is about £2. That is until people take up EV on a large scale. The government realises they are not getting excise tax from fossil fuels anymore and so simply switch to high consuming electric appliances. Consumer loses. Range: Discussed above Power: Headline numbers are nothing without soul or fun. They are just like getting on a rollercoaster. Fun for 5 minutes. I'll be keeping my 35 year old 911. Better for the environment, better for my wallet, better range, more fun to drive.
  3. So if I get to this stage, can I do anything about it? Can I tighten/loosen these bars to pull the dash back to position? Can I replace these beams? Or is it a dash out/dash replacement job?
  4. So yours doesn't have this issue? Mines a coupe and I am not aware of any flood damage (rust etc)
  5. Could someone check/photograph theirs and tell me what their is with.
  6. Hi all, If you draw a virtual vertical line through the tachometer whilst sitting in the drivers seat, the dash binnacle is not a-symmetric - well not in my car anyway. When running my hand over the top of the dash instrument binnacle I also notice twin 'humps' rather that a continuous, smooth radii. Is this normal or has my dash binnacle warped in the heat? James
  7. What would I be looking at for a set of Boge dampers fitted? What did you actually have done and how much if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Sorry off topic for a second: Have you got a C3.2 that I saw at the Shell station a few months ago? Dark blue/black with a whale tail I think?
  9. Can recommend Angus @ Greatworth Classics. He's done some brake work for me on my 3.2 and always has something air-cooled in for bodywork. To that end I need to drop in and see you Angus for a quote on some kidney work. *gulp* James
  10. Hi all, I've got a g50 3.2. Its at 74k miles and It feels a little loose and harsh. I believe it has the smaller Boge dampers. As a minimum what in addition to dampers should I look at to improve the ride and bring the dynamics back where they should be? Any idea on costs around a damper and bushing refresh? Kindest, James
  11. I believe these are the parts I need. Can I get these from OPC? https://www.stoddard.com/93051225800.html.html https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/1485
  12. All makes sense but I'm thinking it might not be worth the trouble? Anyone else had success?
  13. Whale tail x engine cover/decklid. Sorry!

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