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  1. SP72

    Cool vids

    That Saab sounded terrible - I was wincing when he gave it some beans.
  2. Because it comes from a time when M stood for Motorsport, not Marketing* *stole this from somewhere, apologies if it was from here
  3. I saw, I was thinking 30-35k tops - you need to really love them to pay £50k Give me the m635 instead
  4. Sell a few more candles, stick some all weathers on it, https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-spottedykywt/porsche-911-carrera--997----the-brave-pill/43499
  5. Vantage pointing in a straight line 🥸
  6. That’s mainly it - lots of MX5 comparisons on the FB group. The interior is very ‘busy’ too, but apparently of good quality. Might be worth a sniff second hand, as dynamically they’re apparently quite impressive.
  7. Ex-CID action: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202008242876051?atmobcid=soc3
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIpq87Cj0fZ/?igshid=1wr2a957ceome
  9. Agree - I don’t think new vantage, Db11 etc will be deemed classics in the making. At least not yet, time is sometimes a healer, even with car styling. AM were offering crazy PCP deals on new Vantage to help shift them, so the market will be flooded in 2-3 years
  10. nice little review: https://www.hagerty.co.uk/articles/future-classic-aston-martin-v12-vantage/
  11. No need to read anything - just look at the picture of the cylinder!
  12. Deep scratches - see here: https://flat6innovations.com/cylinder-bore-scoring/
  13. Thanks dude - not yet done the chrome, not sure if I will
  14. Full frontal PPF applied Wheels re-done in BMW Shadow Chrome (e39 M5-ish) Front number plate paint removed Rear subframe treated with Dynax 11mm shims on the rear Next: Would you believe a £750-950 annual service at the main dealer excludes air and pollen filters as they are deemed optional items. If you see where the air filters are located on the V12, you’ll understand my monobrow being raised a few mm. I will get this done by a local specialist at half the price of main dealer.
  15. He had a run in with one of his 928s with the owner of EssVeePee - he’s a solicitor, which helped smooth the way forward...
  16. I’ve been there a few times, I think Anil looked at a Merc there too. A genuine enthusiastic - some sales bumph in what he says, but they’re always above average examples. Check out the previous cars he’s dealt with:http://www.danielcurnock.co.uk/forsale/
  17. £500 each! I’d get some style 5 on there ASAP
  18. Really nice - looks suspiciously like the location that Daniel Curnock used to sell his cars from? He had some lovely cars pass through his hands... In a different price bracket, I’m struggling to remove this from my bookmarks... https://www.horsepowerhangar.com/listings/1987-bmw-e24-m635-csi Just clicked on the description - definitely Daniel
  19. I see the slippery slope has been avoided thus far, only some evidence of a lightly greased incline. No other temptations out there?
  20. There is a difference between SC and 3.2 overriders, unsure about US and RoW - someone here must have done something similar.
  21. Slurp https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/auctions/1971-alfa-romeo-gt-junior-1300-KgZrDg
  22. Fuchs on anything younger than IB should be banned
  23. SP72

    Wössner pistons for SC

    No chance, too many other cars I want to try!
  24. Disagree, I really like it. Beats the usual greys and black. http://www.cambridgemotorcompany.com/show.php?id=1079&p=50&page=1&srt=model_year DESC
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