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  1. How big is your professional network - can you land some work immediately? Have you done any side hustling while employed? Getting from zero to one (one that you really love and could do forever) is the hardest thing but after that it is a piece of cake.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response to your PM! The right answer 👍🏻
  3. Find a gearbox first - they are not widely available. Add a strip and check. I guess £8-10k.
  4. They were super light at under 700 kilos but my ones deffo had brakes - yours might have had the development lightweight flexi-pedal!
  5. Well people say it was a surprise, but it was not that much of a surprise as it had a good crew and was built to survive rather than just for pace, by the same crew who later built Lotus Sunbeams etc. It was tested to absolute destruction - had five headlights and three or four spare wheels and huge tanks etc. Driver Andrew Cowan went on to run Mitsubishi Ralliart and win four World Championships with Tommi Makinen. I know a story about the winning Hunter - well more specifically about the single front light - but can't repeat it. Also have a story about the one of the 911s and what it is up to today but never got paid for that job so not repeating that either - one day karma will come around Self employment is all Hollywood fairy tales one day and deadbeat clients the next...
  6. I have had the 120Y and a couple of LJ70s. Either would be ace.
  7. Love the Pantah in TT colours - recently valued a 7-bike collection for a guy and all were TT reps but not the ones you might expect. I bought a 2002 ST4 a few weeks back, was too cheap to leave where it was. Have it in bits at the minute pulling the cams and checking rockers as they can lose their chrome. Not cost a great deal so far but there's always time with a desmo...
  8. There was an article in Car magazine many years ago about the LS development and how Toyota bought an S class and a 735 and took them down to the bare chassis to see how they were engineered, then built the LS slightly "better" to beat them at their own game. The article then went into how manufacturers all buy each other's products and disassemble them to see how they're built. No need to do that these days as there are so few manufacturers. I remember a bit about some manufacturer pulling the Citroen AX to bits to see how Citroen made the cars so light while still retaining some durability. Doors were like 6 parts and seats were 5! (Or something equally silly)
  9. Wow, amazing. That is one car I thought would be a final resting place. What's coming next?
  10. Very cool! Quite a few 914s on here now.
  11. I know a guy with a 300bhp OM606 in a 124 estate. Super Q car, think it is still registered as a 200. I've a few 124 wagons and any drivetrain is good, even a base 230 is a nice drive. My 129 SL is mostly 124 mechanicals so a 500 wagon would be fun maybe. This TE started life as an E saloon and had an estate back end added: https://germancarsforsaleblog.com/1991-mercedes-benz-e500-estate/
  12. That is very cool - I like the Salzburg colours.
  13. There are a couple of these near me - they made over 600 of them. The rear glass is curved. It is flat on the "shooting brake":
  14. Not super cheap but a good car doesn't need to be. This is a rare survivor but you'd want to do quite a few things to bring it back to original appearance and that would add to cost, so £62k might be a leap too far. Last V5 in April so maybe recently inherited or something? Don't remember seeing it for sale anywhere. Here is one that sold on Collecting Cars in July - higher mileage and no idea how solid but £33k plus fees: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1976-porsche-911-2-7-targa
  15. Excellent! Congrats on your new career as a sex worker 😘
  16. A friend of mine has been working on one of those Lancias for a client, also took out about 15-18 kilos of filler. He's done quite a bit - and the customer has paid - but he told the owner that if he keeps going the bills will be huge so he doesn't want to do any more work. The customer now refuses to pick it up and will put £15k down in advance if he does a bit more. How times have changed!
  17. Yes, it is superb. Excellent. A time machine!
  18. I know the buyer of this Club Sport - has a few other 911s and they are very nice. He will drive it.
  19. This is great work - will be transformed!
  20. OK well £5k set against market shifts: it is still earning money. Good work 👍🏻 But then what would you pay to do a mile in a Veyron? It is cost vs reward, right? It is not all cost 👍🏻
  21. £7.50 a mile for a car kept in ready to use conditions is not bad given the restrictions - you could have SORNed it though as you can tax month to month (tax for 12 at a time and then de-tax when it is off the road and bank the refund). I once did a total cost of ownership analysis for a client's low-mileage GT3 as part of a bigger exercise comparing total life costs on a basket of cars that were potential replacements. He had spent more than £8 a mile in 18 months when you factored in dealer margins, part ex allowances and disposal commissions etc. So every run down the High Street for coffee was over £50. That is some expensive coffee!
  22. Remember that you can sign up for MOT reminders through the DVLA They start at a month out and count you down also LOL
  23. I use the Road Trip app - it does a good job tracking stuff on the Honda. Think they have a trial thing but I don't think it was dear either way. Really that is to track a lot of things you say you don't want to track, but it also has a good spend section - costs and servicing etc. Might be worth a look. I developed a load of content for an online vehicle history website called Motoriety a few years ago, not long after I went freelance. It was sort of a competitor to an idea of my own that I had worked on for a bit but then dropped as it was just too much work for one person (common prob with my ideas). The people running it were great but they had an uphill struggle for the same reasons so they sold it to the AA. Maybe should have taken a share in that one. It is called 'Automyze' now, which is a classic example of bad branding. I get the feeling that Automyze is supposed to evoke something like optimise, but I just see a community of "Auto Misers". Dunno if the auto misers have an app but maybe. The basic software was good and it was helped by the GDPR law as the online history was for the car rather then the owner and could be passed from owner to owner. GDPR has seen a lot of service histories go in the shredder...
  24. Excellent work both of you!
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