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  1. There's plenty more to come, patience Young Grasshopper! Thank's Green 911 Beaky, I'll send Mrs WC over to quote 😉
  2. Must have been asleep when giving our builder upstairs window opening measurements 🤔 Windows are too low and too tall, nowhere near a close match to the original house upstairs windows What was needed was more 'cowbell' ie more exposed oak lintel showing below the green painted sofet board as per the original house A bit of keyhole surgery, added another course of stone on the bottom which is almost impossible to spot. Also added another 4" oak lintel underneath the original lintel,. Window on the left is before and on the right after. Was hoping to just lower the origina
  3. My 1st full week in a longtime, 1st day was so tiring I put myself to bed 3 hrs early, was great to be back at it, really into the swing of it now and pleased to have some progress to show 😎
  4. 3.8 would be one hell of an upgrade 😎
  5. I'm taking the family for a burger on 21 Apr for the Strassenkultur German evening
  6. Please do Beaky, kettle will be on 👍
  7. My dad had a succession of crap cars in various states of disrepair as there was nothing like an MOT test where we lived, what the rust didn't eat, or the heat would perish, the termites would finish off... Mini 1000, written off by a drunk in a Mercury Cougar 🤕 Mk2 Cortina Estate, we had a tree growing in the drivers foot well until my mum accidentally trod on and killed it 😪 VW Beetle, I fell through the floor, stood up to push the front seat forward, next thing I'm stood on the road, bodge repair done but we never let our dog lie down on the floor again 😲 Best car was a
  8. Today was goodbye work but call me if anything kicks off Tomorrow and the next 6 months will be hello man cave and shed, remember me? Real time updates to come as and when we make any progress...........
  9. You need a George (awesome bit of kit) or some other wet-vac My truck carpet was I'm sure some undiscovered eco-system, disgusting 🤢 grey carpet should never look brown Didn't think my immune system was up to it so I sent my son in, he just used water for the first 10 or so cleans and then a few goes with diluted carpet cleaner. The crap a good wet vac sucks up is amazing Won't say the inside of my truck came up new with 2nd hand car dealer carpet striping but it did clean up enough that now Mrs WC will drive it and my dog doesn't smell of truck 👍
  10. What about an Audi 80 Sport I had one, great car and compared to more popular options exceedingly good value, my 964 feels like a similar build quality, ie very robust
  11. Applied for display parking 🤣
  12. retro parking, I do this everyday....
  13. Nige, can I have 1st dibs please
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