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  1. I like the look of this duck 😎
  2. sounds like a deal, good luck with the sale
  3. It was the hill above Broadway You guys are welcome to pop in for a coffee on your way to your 'hill climb race off'
  4. Seems like a lifetime ago, was a fun day out, really need to get my 964 MOT'd
  5. wow, just wow 😍 still my favourite looking IB on here so glad you persevered through your engine woes
  6. good lunchtime read, thanks for posting RB
  7. Awesome buy BB, good for you, it loves Alpine mountains and so will you, hope you have many enjoyable miles of fun
  8. Still waiting for a myth busting link to a cast car wheel widening company Eeer... wow... digging up my 9yr old thread full of questions about forged Fuchs, top sleuthing stalking starting to feel uncomfortable here I'm at peace with myself knowing I'm not an expert in any field of engineering and have no wheel is this wheel fight so please continue without me Busybee
  9. Neither company widen cast wheels, not really internet myth busting links I was hoping for From my limited design/engineering knowledge I’d guess the following factors make it a difficult challenge banding cast alloy wheels Post welding heat treatment Weld/joint strength validation HAZ material weakness (heat affected zone) Welding rod/rolled band alloy composition compatibility Cast alloy/weld pool alloy/wrought rolled alloy grain structure boundaries Fatigue crack propagation in the casting from heat induced internal stresses Wheel pre-weld heat up I'm glad Phil consulted a welding expert and walked away from what I considered to be flaky advice, hence my ‘Noooooooo!’ post Stop press! Just found out I'm sat next to someone that has narrowed a Cookie Cutter wheel himself, he agrees with most of my points above and added a few more.
  10. RB, looks like another great trip put please put me in the 'no' pile, just got too much stuff up in the air for me to commit
  11. I took a gamble with my reputation (it's not actually worth much) on Jonny having followed his electric AC thread on here, IB.Com has a lot to answer for 😎
  12. hey up, bonjour chap! Out of interest what area of engineering do you specialise in and do you know why professional engineers have letters after their name? To keep this thread back on track please post up links to companies or even just the one company that currently offer the service of widening cast aluminium wheels sorry Phill
  13. I got my metallurgy degree off the internet and I'm good on a keyboard so disagree away
  14. Nooooooooooo! Cast wheels don't weld well, only forged wheels ie Fuchs or spun rims ir BBS split rims can be welded safely
  15. I thought I'd replied before, opps sorry I was always lead to believe that that only forged or billet aluminium took to anodising, might explain why the finish isn't uniform
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