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  1. you did the right thing chucking it back at them, hope you get your dosh back quickly
  2. If these are the same guys that restored Philippe's ice blue 2.7 you may want to find and read that thread
  3. I knew the rear half of the roof would take so much longer than the front but was hoping it wouldn't have gone on for so long. Lots and lots of tile cutting needed, used a combination of a 4.5" and 9" angle grinder with a diamond tipping cutting blade, Long time coming as I've only had weekend time to work on it but the roof is all done 😎 Mrs WC has been busy on the boundary wall, diagonal timber is a quick mock up of the rear ground floor garage extension roof. I'll make a more accurate roof line guide once the scaffolding has been removed . Just a bit more boundary wall stonework to go but looking good so far. Had a quick clean up in the house part of this man cave with an attached house build 😃 , It's reasonable sized space, good job too as we need to fit in a master bedroom, en suite bathroom and family bathroom Next update will be without the rear scaffolding spoiling the view I'm hoping the rear elevation proportions/shape looks balanced and works well with the old part of the house and yet to be finished rear garage extension
  4. Wait till you see the bar at Tuthill's, very 😎 My son and I will be at Bicester, looking forward to catching up with the usual suspects, it's been a while, too long really 🤔
  5. would love a Z and that one looks perfect
  6. Kenny, pleases me more than you could ever know that there are people out there like yourself modifying a car's to what you want rather than for what the market wants parts from 64 to 96 😎 sounds like my first project car, was built using parts from 21 different cars from a mini to a McLaren F1
  7. thanks for that, what a legend and what a car!
  8. SCAM! Seller has 1185 other ads starting at 99p
  9. 😎 keep posting, it all looks perfect! Every time someone posts pictures like these it makes me look forward to when I'll have the time to get around to giving my 930 the same love!
  10. a bit over your budget but does look lovely https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-pre-89/porsche-911-sc-coupe-1979/9557045#&gid=1&pid=10
  11. enjoy as is or it's a perfect base for a hot rod/outlaw build, goes like a rocket too, especially up and over mountains 😎 once it's gone it's gone and I won't have another one so it will need to be a good price
  12. If you throw in a used Fiat 500 Twin air you can have my 964 for that much
  13. I 😍 your car, 530kg is wafer light?
  14. Not had too many free weekend days and our builder has left us to work on another job so new man cave work has been slow going First up is Mrs WC has been extending our boundary wall to meet the house stone work. There has been the odd grumble as Mrs. WC has had to lower her stone wall building quality while matching in her stone work with mine 😍 The ground floor garage part of our build is an extra 1.5m/5ft deeper than the width of the house. I'll be able to walk around both the front and rear of my truck instead of climbing over it as I had to before. As I didn't want this extension to distract from the overall shape of the house we've cunningly hidden it from public view behind the boundary wall. By the time we're done no one will know I'm still busy on the rear roof, finished trimming up the last of the fascia boards but these still need painting before fitting. Battened the dormer window roof and started on the lead work. Milestone today was finishing all the roof lights, fiddly time consuming work as it involved tile trimming, some lead work and a bit of cementing
  15. not liking that at all, wheels and roof combo looks clumsy to me
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