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  1. Or prices are softening 🤔
  2. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1989-porsche-911-carrera-32-club-sport
  3. I just prefer the look, cooler wheels, cleaner back end but most importantly I remember building a 1 24 model of an early one when I was little Something like this would be perfect https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C910246
  4. I lusted for a 928 long before a 911 😍 Drove one once, the interior felt like I was on the set of an 80's space film and remember being surprised what felt like a bulky car seemed to shrink around me in traffic 😎 Would have to be an early one for me!
  5. Chris, my old Toyota 4x4 should cover 'interesting' both from look and story but don't expect photogenic
  6. A 'cheap' effective, super high-tec 🙄, heat reflective coating is Krylon High Heat Aluminium rattle can paint If you can't find it then any silver BBQ paint will do F1 Used and Approved 👍
  7. That's a proper rig, you and the boys could go anywhere in it, Somalia, Yemen, Libya or even Luton and you'd fit in perfectly Something like this would be my 1st choice for our next European over landing trip, only it's lacking a fridge and double glazing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-S-CLASS-5-0-S500-4D-302-BHP/274292697698?hash=item3fdd1e6a62:g:ausAAOSwN5Ze2DY0 Trying to work out the logistics/route for hopefully our next trip, the Arctic Circle over the Christmas hols, 2000 miles each way 😲 With an hour detour to spend a day of fun doing a very drool worthy activity http://www.icedrivesweden.com/. Just need to convince the family 8 days in a car is worth it just to see some reindeer and the Aurora Borealis
  8. Calling RB, this has your name all over it for scooting about when you have a small NZ farm https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2017-swincar-e-spider
  9. Try a bag of Werther's Original's in the glove box and report back!
  10. Lovely, I'd be tempted to overland in it, certainly wouldn't break down on you on an unpaved African road somewhere
  11. Austria is a big country when you're trying to avoid it on a drive 😪
  12. Hedges around TWR near Chipping Norton were bursting with test cars and holes where a healthy hedgerow once were are still visible to this day. Look hard enough you may even find enough bits to build a whole car Disclaimer . all the above may have been made up by me to fuel internet rumors
  13. I like it, took a few looks to work out if I did like it Think the door needs a window frame on it as the shut line at the rear of the door glass needs a bit of 'butchness' adding to it
  14. Would be a steal at £20k, good luck with your bid

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