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  1. New Civic Type R price announced £50k Inc options World has gone mad 😠 😡 😤 😣 Maybe I should go for the £11k deposit and £500 PCP deal, seems like too good an offer to turn down
  2. Ask them to blend it into Full Fry Up smoothie and suck it through a straw
  3. Top Black Friday shopping TB hope your toof doesn't interrupt your cake eating Really want a TIG welder so I can weld stuff, I'd cut holes in my car just for an excuse to use it
  4. This was exactly my thinking 🤔 Not reached the age of wanting a Jazz and this looks roomy enough to be a forever car that does everything while keeping the 'fun' in driving before fun driving cars are banned Also, love the idea of owning a Type R to remind myself of how much I enjoyed squandering away a chunk of my working life chasing the 'impossible dream' with Honda 😎 Owning one is probably one impossible dream too many as my 964 would have to go
  5. Don't flame me but I really want one, new Civic Type R
  6. I'm not all original I'm not as high mileage as Beaky but i've had a few bodywork repairs and one terminal engine failure which luckly was repaired 😐
  7. Any good machine shop will have a thread guage to determine the thread diameter/pitch and then could machine up some parts
  8. Any Tesla owners want to buy my low tax bracket throbing V8 Lexus LS400 or my zero road tax Fiat 500 Kinder Egg spedical edition Will accept heating oil as PX
  9. Looks great, will look so much better on Fuchs Which company is TTE and what do they upgrade internally Will you use the stock intercooler? Also do you need to beef up the engine internals? How will you sort the fuelling side Please post updates as you go along, really interested in this project
  10. Love reading the updates, all the hardwork captured in each photo makes me feel like I'm doing something 💪
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