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  1. Excellent news on your engine build!! 👍 We're going into Tier 4 which includes Bicester too, so very much doubt it will happen 😕
  2. Don't think it has an image problem, this 'cottage industry' has quite the opposite image for me 😍😎 Love that people can build stuff at home and if they can make money from their hobby or more importantly inspire their kids to pursue a career in manufacturing, engineering or design, then power to them! I think it falls over for unsatisfied customers is because '3D printing' has been touted as the answer to everything ever made so customers that don't do enough research expect too much from it when buying bargain priced parts I'm sure these same customers are first to shy away fr
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJEUNVeAfq_/?igshid=x1hidx8f1max
  4. ^^^this^^^and this^^^ Home 3D printing set ups are more for a hobby and making 'fun' parts, great way for kids to learn some real design and make lessons I'm learning SolidWorks with my son, it seems a capable CAD package and even free with a Student ID, more than adequate for any home project 3D models also open up the world of machined parts too 😎 make sure whatever program you use can create STEP or IGES files as these are the most common 3D geometry formats manufacturing companies use Have over 20yrs of 3D modelling and printed part manufacturing in both metallic and pl
  5. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1295531 😍
  6. that's strange, I'll try it again
  7. The Toyota Yaris GR, has to be for the win!
  8. Very true, in Italy one of the taste revelations was only being able to buy seasonal fruit/veg in the supermarket, so much better the ripened in transit produce that's pedaled here
  9. It's all rubbish ☹️ If this how we need to live, I'm seriously thinking of locking myself in my man cave and venturing out again next summer all fully jabbed up
  10. Get back on your naughty step Haith, your neighbor Herefordshire is now Tier 1, what are you guys doing over there?
  11. Dude, you're a tenth dan black belt ninja Euro economy professor , not fair taunting the little kid in the play ground 🤣
  12. WFH, been doing lots of it for the 1st time, not something I'm drooling over doing full time 😕
  13. Mark, did you see the Esprit on the last Brightwells sale, a project but seemed to be priced well
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