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  1. What a great combination, must be nice having to decide which one to take to the Alps!
  2. One of my favorite events, been 3 times, some very special cars, have you been Ian? Middle of San Marino is like an amphitheater so the Group B, Stratos, 911 noises bounces all round you, I'd put this right up there with Goodwood Festival of Speed as must do event
  3. Liking the turbo, enough mileage that you wouldn't care if it racked up many more miles
  4. Northy and I are meeting up at Binn Smokehouse in Buckingham It's Bottomless Wednesday there and its an all you can eat wings and mac'n cheese More the merrier so all invited, just reply by end of Oct and I'll book up a table
  5. I can sympathise, same here, just not enough of me to go around but I've no desire to set up a consultancy employing extra help I'd lose the ability to turn my work on and off and would have to be less picky choosing what work I do
  6. Bicester isn't in Europe, not far enough to count as a road trip, much more fun to do a road trip than read about one, Bribe Queen Busy Bee with a new frock or say you're just popping out for a few days on a supplier visit Long time dead is a myth
  7. Great post Richard Plenty of specialists out there, many can be called special but for all the wrong reasons Never dealt with Matt or his company but I hope he reads this
  8. Ian you must have contacts or suppliers you trust through your work that would make pipes up for you If I had more free time I'd go into the pipe reselling business as I see a good profit and nothing difficult in having pipes made like the ones in the pic
  9. Just look at the beauty of that car Doc 2012 was another lifetime for me glad I can remember back that far
  10. Pizza with me in Maranello via Greece 😎
  11. while we wait for Axel's eagerly anticipated first build update my truck on the same Slovenian mountain pass we drove over on the IB tour Was a bit dicy, even rubbed tyres with an AMG G class on a narrow section, I'd have moved over a bit but I was already knocking the ploughed snow verge into in my window 🤔 Was feeling well smug we'd made it up, then I spotted the lady clearing snow off her Renault Kangoo van for her return trip down the mountain 😲
  12. my Toyota struggles a bit when snow is over a foot deep starts to snowplane, so I then have to put it into 4wd and maybe low ratio too tax is 265/yr so I try to use all of the road and sometimes the grass verges too, just so I get my money's worth
  13. On UK roads a Panda 4x4 on winters would be unstoppable, nothing more is needed I drive my 4x4 daily rack up 20k a year, run winters in winter, all terrains in summer, smashing thorough pot holes without a thought Only select 4 wheel drive a couple of times on the road each year due to deep snow on an incline and usually in Europe somewhere mountainous
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