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  1. YOLO 🤪 Power tools scare me, a 9" grinder demands mucho respect, must remember not to stand in the way next time 🤔 The sun is shining, got Shed Thread work to do (without power tools) so getting back out there to crack on with it
  2. Glad your safely back RB, looked like a great trip and impeccable timing as it's dumped loads of snow in the Alps 😎
  3. Thanks for the concern gents, Jonny wish I'd fitted the Nerf blade, I'm all good! 👍 God bless the NHS Promised myself I'd post up the good, bad and ugly of my build blog, as it happens and not just a 'taa daa' finished reveal format a lot of build threads follow Well here is the ugly part It's a nasty chop, deep enough to see the red soggy teddy bear stuffing my leg seems to be filled with 😲 Needed 6 stitches, going to leave one hell of a scar, my leg modelling days are over 😢
  4. Was hoping for a better update , now waiting in A&E to be stiched up back together 😪 Had worse, but gave myself nasty paper cut from my 9” grinder diamond tipped blade 😳 Knew I hadn’t cut through my bone as I didn’t topple over 😂
  5. Holey Moley, Nigel, please take it easy and wishing you a speedy recovery
  6. Black with gold wheels and red calipers 😍 Yum, yum, yum ,yum, YUM !
  7. F1 was robbed of a great driver, if he hadn't stuffed his rally car he would have driven for Ferrari 😉 http://www.speedhunters.com/2020/09/f1-driver-robert-kubica-in-a-bmw-m4-on-the-nurburgring/
  8. Hamilton is smashing every F1 record, winning everything in a British car, powered by a British engine paid with German money 😎 what's not to like about that! He's our own home grown motor sport world legend and if some good comes out of his considerable influencing then power to him 💪
  9. Nothing says 'Welcome To Switzerland' more than a cavity search!
  10. Kimi keeps it real, easily my favorite F1 driver 😎
  11. Great updates RB We're very lucky to have so many diverse countries in a relatively small part of the world right on our doorstep within easy driving distance Loved putting together the IB Euro trips we did but my favorite will always be our first family drive in my 930 over the Alps, taking in 7 countries on our way back down to Italy.
  12. Never ever thought I'd say this as at heart I'm a tropical island boy but I love mountain weather and air It changes so quickly, dull rain can turn to bright snowy sunshine within a few 100 meters of altitude, warm days can turn to cold nights, more stars than you can count in an ink black sky, warm sunshine with pure fresh air and a cold beer is the best! Really miss my mountains, especially the view, lying on my couch watching the clouds go by and the tree's changing colour Keep posting the pics RB, I'm living my 'mountain' life through this thread
  13. I must be slowing down as I'm drooling about cars like these, sub 1000kg with 50ish BHP 🤔 Perfect for the pace of life in the slow lane 😎 https://www.avto.net/Ads/details.asp?id=15677578&display=Volkswagen Golf Oldtimer https://www.avto.net/Ads/details.asp?id=15636356&display=Renault R 4 https://www.avto.net/Ads/details.asp?id=15676900&display=Fiat Panda 4x4
  14. EJH911, how tall are you 😨 RB sounds like a great road trip, wouldn't expect anything less from you, it's great when you follow a local on roads they know, happened to me many times in my 930 A well driven Fiat Panda can hustle up Italian mountain roads quicker than you would think possible so a German in a Golf must have been really fast
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