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  1. World Citizen

    Vehicle Lift?

    Like MaxDiesel I kept searching on Ebay and bought something slightly different, Went for a more general use full table scissor lift for a fraction of the price of a new one This is the one, https://www.llmhandling.co.uk/product/static-scissor-lift-table-1500kg-tm1500/
  2. World Citizen

    Light weight undertray

    Henry, you've got a great little production line going on there 😎
  3. World Citizen

    My Shed Thread

    Before pic, back last June it looked like this Roll on a few month's and with the scaffolding gone today the front now looks like this. Not seen it in the daylight yet but when I parked up across the road tonight after work my first thought was 'WOW! WOW! WOW! 😎 A close up of our builders superb stone work, think we did a reasonable job picking out the subtle stone details and matching the new to the old Little bit left to do on the front, upstairs stone window cills, deeper stone reveal around all the windows (like the gable end window) and I'm not completely happy with the height of the upstairs oak window lintel's so will have these taken out and dropped 2" down Have a few weekend's left of work on the rear roof and then we're scaffolding free!
  4. World Citizen

    Whistling Kettle: 924 Turbo

    Reporting back! I can't fault the service and quality of work from Lepson's, best customer service I've probably experienced of all the work I've ever had done on my cars The ladies in the office kept me fully informed and highlighted their concerns with regards the conditions of the wheels, when they were inspected they were done on time, to a very reasonable cost, they sorted out collection/delivery and the quality of work is stunning
  5. World Citizen

    My Shed Thread

    Cheers JG, progress has slowed up a bit and Only getting nights and weekends in after a 70 hr working week including a crap commute ☚ī¸ no stress involved just the usual long slog this time of year Mrs WC is more than a legend 😍
  6. World Citizen

    My Shed Thread

    spot on VT, ever thought about working in the building trade? Eaves tiles match the old house tiles but I couldn't match the top ridge line tile course on the house as this was half a course out with the new lower ridge line, snookered whichever end I started from Headlap is much more, didn't use any half tiles so should be all water tight, I did feather edge a few tiles to half thickness to help it all blend in. Les, by the time I'm finished my eyes will have so many features to be drawn to I'll go cross eyed 😲 Front and side scaffolding removal confirmed for Thurs, whoop, whoop
  7. World Citizen

    My Shed Thread

    Good news, snow only last a few days so I've made some roofing progress Spent the weekend working on the front and due to the sequence of roof work I couldn't just carry on the tiling from the old house a couple difficult parts on the rear roof raised their ugly head's and wouldn't go away. 2 new tiles rows had to blend into one old tile row (my builder informed me this is called a 'pig' ) Also had to add some tile and halves above the LH roof light window to get the tile spacing to work. Was quite pleased when my builder said this was fine as I'd considered slicing a few mm off 8-10 tiles on each course to try and disguise the mismatch which would have taken forever All part of the fun of blending new into old, close up of the difficult areas. Hard to spot from the ground and once covered in green moss should be impossible to spot. With Mrs WC's help we also finished off the ridge tiles Took a day off work today, a bit short notice as I only asked yesterday lunchtime but the weather yesterday was dreadful and I was on a mission to finish the front roof, so needs must Tiling done, lead work flashing to the old house done, fascia boards done and guttering all done, my front roof work is complete Reason for the big push on the roof is I'm fed up of the scaffolding blocking the view as I'm getting impatient and want to see what we've built. Next update will be the big reveal with front and gable end scaffolding removed 😎
  8. World Citizen

    Restoration Costs in England

    Whizzair flights are dirt cheap too!
  9. World Citizen

    Restoration Costs in England

    How would that work 🤔 wouldn't be a very economical way of doing it, takes a lot of tools/equipment to restore a car properly
  10. World Citizen

    August date for your diary. Boxengasse

    Had to Google Scafoid, sounds ouchy! Cracked/broke my metatasus when I got hit by a car driven by some Italian idiot while I was cycling home one evening Back to work the next day but hobbled around for 6 weeks before giving in a getting an x-ray, took a good 6 months before the twinging pain subsided
  11. World Citizen

    Car storage

    Was it this one? https://www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/snip-ÂŖ2m-lamborghini-sesto-elemento-comes-sale
  12. World Citizen

    Land Cruiser

    I'd love as FJ40 too, not Land Cruisers but these are mine
  13. World Citizen

    Whistling Kettle: 924 Turbo

    What a great looking car Les, wish I had room for one of these, love the seats, are they a new buy or did you get your old ones recovered? Just sent some wheels off for a diamond cutting refurb to Lepsons, great customer service so far, will let you know how they turn out
  14. World Citizen

    August date for your diary. Boxengasse

    sounds nasty, take it steady, if you're tired you're not mending
  15. World Citizen

    Land Cruiser

    I'm here 👍 Not got a Land Cruiser but do have an old Toyota or 3, great cars, super reliable, you won't go wrong but a good search on the forums should highlight any weaknesses 140k is no mileage, should be good for another 140k if looked after