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  1. World Citizen

    3.2 Standalone ECU Project

  2. World Citizen

    Boxster 981 3.4S or GTS

    I've never driven one, wouldn't consider it a lazy GT car but would consider it too quick to be as enjoyable as say a hotted up Boxster on twisty, traffic saturated UK B roads RB is in the best position to comment though as he's experience both
  3. World Citizen

    Boxster 981 3.4S or GTS

    I'd love a 996 turbo but think it could be a step too far for UK roads, great for crossing the continent in, not so great for a B road blast's
  4. World Citizen

    My Shed Thread

    This weeks progress achieved one milestone, the gable wall is finished, one side down, two more sides to go 😎 Date stone now in place, I debated with myself about using the pinky coloured stones dottted about the courses as the different colour is not quite in keeping with the brown shades. They are iron stone as per the rest of the build but somewhere during their life they were exposed to fire which turns the stone pink. Glad I did as their colour tells a story, like the rest of the building will when finished. My involvement this week was minimal, only an hour over a few late evenings, so under the cover of darkness and like a little church mouse I very quietly drilled and fitted the metal wall straps that fix the front timber wall plate for the joists to the inner block work wall. This weekend I broke out out with the power tools and trimmed up the front joists, trial fitted the fascia boards and trial fitted the upper window oak lintels. Everything at the front is now ready for our builder to hopefully finish off the front wall this week.
  5. World Citizen

    A Porsche Christmas Sunday 9 Dec

    not usually a bright colour fan myself but ......... oooffff 😍 that does look lovely
  6. World Citizen

    Air Cooled..........................

    what car 😃
  7. World Citizen

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    yes please Alex, I might be able to help him if the lower COP's start getting too hot and become unreliable
  8. World Citizen

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    just a guess considering the amount of HP
  9. World Citizen

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    oooofff! do the lower coils have heat shields or fresh air blown over them ???? can anyone read the part numbers/manufacturer on the COP's
  10. World Citizen

    930 picture thread

    ^^^^ lovely 😍 and glad to see it's been used so much
  11. World Citizen

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    knife thrower and bullet dodger 😎
  12. World Citizen

    911 3.2 Carrera 1987 Guards Red

    well written ad and good luck with the sale
  13. World Citizen

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    I knew that, just having fun with you 😀 Dyno's are cool places to hang out at, always found time for stroll downstairs to smell/hear the F1 engines being punished
  14. World Citizen

    3.5L MFI twin plug. 380HP and 330 ft lbs

    380 bhp, was this on the 9M dyno? 😎
  15. World Citizen

    My Shed Thread

    thanks gents, mahousive 😎 didn't look as big on paper only get to see what's been happening on weekends now 🤔 next update will be just as much as a surprise for me too