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  1. Lovely, just lovely 😍 mid 80's to mid 90's is the sweet spot for me when to come to classics, so much choice of usable cars
  2. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-mercedes-benz-190e-2-5-evolution-ii/
  3. I like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-850i/223864682721?hash=item341f5ff8e1:g:vNYAAOSwuOZeJYxW
  4. I think with the windows if you can buy the same thickness as your glass you should be rattle/leak free changing everything but the main door sliding windows as these will probably be quite easily scratch My 964 is an example of lightweight done cheap 😁, may even have made a small profit selling off the stock parts 😎 For carbon body parts try DP Motorsport, I saw a roof panel being used on one of the Singer DLS test mules and the quality/fit was good
  5. never thought of it as click bait, good idea, you're right Northy on the structure, 1st rule of lightweight fight club is 'loads like straight lines not going round holes' Ahim's car is probably one of the best examples of how to do an old 911, would be a good project for him to take out all his work frustrations on Using the right material with the right shape beats holes for lightness every time
  6. what he's doing is just wrong on so many level's but it's his car so I hope he's having fun I stripped over 200kgs off my 964, only non-oem looking parts were the wheels, it is pretty bare bones so maybe a bit too extreme for your lovely car Think if it was my car I'd restrict mods to bolt on, plenty of lightness to be had, seats, bumpers, bonnet, rear lid, starter motor, engine tin, no spare wheel, heat delete (maybe not the best Scandinavian mod to do), battery, glass, etc
  7. Welcome Simon, car looks great and I too am a big fan of the lightweight route, brings a car alive, like the stock OEM look too If you keep the mods bolt and keep your original parts then you can always go back come resale time Or if you want go extreme then what about this for an idea 😁
  8. cool choice of cars and an even cooler choice of colours 😎 need to see some more of the longhood and the yellow Honda S2000
  9. Fred!!! Have you been hiding in my thread, good to see you're still kicking 😎
  10. Was great fun! 2nd picture was taken on the Ferrari mountain test loop, just behind my house, reaction of the old dude on his bicycle when we cheered him up the hill with his wife was very funny!
  11. 2011 flashback on the Mille Miglia tour, I miss living Italy 😢
  12. I'm wanting an Audi S8 D2 or BMW E38 740i in black 😍
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