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  1. This seems a bit disappointing at £60,500. I have seen this car and it is very clean and original. Good colour too! https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1977-porsche-911-carrera-3-0-coupe
  2. Going to both as well! Even got display parking for Goodwood, so I assume that means start/finish straight. Looking forward to seeing the Lime one. Jason.
  3. Long been a fan of the videos, especially the Daytona /Muira "Rivals". Widow Maker that Mark shared looks cool too. Who doesn't like to watch a 911 sliding around?
  4. I went form SO2's to AD08RS. Seem fine so far in wet and dry, although haven't pushed hard due to broken head studs. Michelin Sport Pilot 4's available from Demon Tweeks now! Jason.
  5. I have started to suffer from this after the drive to Beachy Head. Points look perfect, but have been in a while. Distributor showed arcing on three contacts in a line but the other three were clear (cap not fitted correctly?). Regulated voltage is nice and smooth. Dwell angle is perfect. Guess I'll order usual ignition service items from Matt and see what happens. Jason
  6. Always wanted one of these. Would be a lottery car for me. As an apprentice in Ford I got to work on the Walter Hayes car. It was silver when he drove it, but Ford have painted it twice since. Pictured here on Dunton test track in its current (and I believe original) Red. We also kept a development Mk1 289 in a container at the back of the workshop! Pea green with no race history, it has now been redone to look like the black 7 litre '66 Le mans winner.
  7. Has anyone ever purchased the Porsche service tools, or knows where to find them, required to rebuild the 915 transmission? I am thinking of the two puller clamps, the very deep large socket and the ones for holding the shafts? I fancy having a go at rebuilding my box. Jason
  8. I walked past it a couple of times to see if you were around Phil. It always had plenty of admirers!
  9. Mark, have you thought about an NTX for a bigger dose of the Dakar look? If you can't find one, there will be a nice Yamaha Tenere with fresh powder coating available soon. I need more of a project and I also want a KLR650 C for running around.
  10. Would be very happy to join in if the format is like old times. I like to see the sun going down from Beachy head, with enough light to make the drive to Brighton without risk to life and more importantly, car. Jason.
  11. Ended up not liking the patchy chromate finish, so i gave both parts a coat of low metallic dark grey with a matt lacquer. Bit too dark really, but will do for now.
  12. Booked for Sunday! Looks more fun than the GRRC Breakfast Club the following weekend.
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