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  1. Hi Guys If anyone has a pair of wheel spacers with studs up to 20mm wide, I would be happy to buy them. Other widths close to 20mm may be an option, but not really interested in the plain shims with my standard studs. Thanks. Jason.
  2. Just fitted a set of Yokohama AD08Rs to mine. Only had a couple of quick drives so far but already quiet happy with them. I couldn't find anyone with a complete set of N rated tyres and the AD08R's were only £410 for all four, which I thought was very reasonable for that type of tyre.
  3. hagarep


    I work abroad for 75% of the year and my current client just shoved everyone inside. We've already lost the top 15 contractors to new clients and we have started to design the wiring for the next model Ford Transit. As the guy that manages the prototypes for Launch, I am in for a very tough time with no experienced support. Still intend to fight HR for an outside assessment in readiness for next year, if they try again. On the other hand, the virus is causing such delays to work like this, that I will be glad to have any contract for this year!
  4. I used warm white for the dash, but I replaced every bulb on the car including headlamps, from classicleds.co.uk
  5. 930 turbo track rod ends fitted then removed and replaced with a bump steer kit. Came from Matt at Type 911. £30 for the pair plus postage if needed. Jason
  6. I have recently replaced my sunroof headliner and it's the hardest job i have ever done! For the record, i used 5 aftermarket clips at the top of the front and rear screens. Do edges first and finish with the sunroof. I have around 60 mini bulldog clips from ebay to allow repositioning. Be patient, take your time especially at the back around the C Pillars and the top of the B Pillars. Don't finally glue it until you are 100% happy. I managed it with several calls and lots of helpful advice from Southbound, who supplied may headliner. Jason
  7. Got my settings back today. Based on common sense, listening to people on here, especially Richard Bernau, then adding a touch more camber because it looks cool. I think height wise I am around 73RS spec and couldn't go lower at the front without compromising the steering. The rake is an early car thing, as others have said, SC's and 3.2's came level from Porsche. Jellyfishshields Clearly your beautiful car has been lifted for personal reasons by the PO, with no thought to suspension geometry. Height can be your choice, but the correct alignment will transform your car.
  8. Hi Phil I had a similar conversation with Tim. I suggested us 911's "Want to be together". He did say the default is to go in build year, so we would be close anyway! Jason Banks
  9. My car, mid set up, at an undisclosed location in Kent. 1 deg rake and front arms horizontal for max camber. I thought i wanted to go lower, but it scrapped badly coming off the drive, which would be reason enough to raise the ride height. In the end, handling has determined the ride height, as to go lower would require moving the spindles up at the front, RSR style, to keep the lower arms and track rods level. This is as far as I can go for road use. If I get track tyres I will need adjustable top mounts, stiffer dampers and anti-roll bars to make the most of them. Jason
  10. 😊 Wish I hadn't mentioned it now... Ivan, I found 3 in the USA and one in France on ebay. Can you point me towards the other three you found? Jason
  11. 24mm Phil, which i think is the nut for the larger pulley. I have the smaller pulley and nut, from the original 7 blade fan. Maybe time to change...
  12. Guys I am looking for an original style 22mm Alternator wrench (spanner) to complete my tool kit. It should look like the one below, but they seem very rear in the UK.
  13. Think I just booked the last available ticket! Just need to finish the car and find a passenger who can navigate.
  14. Just bought a set for £410 (delivered) from Demon Tweeks. I could not find anyone with a full set of any other Brands I've had previously e.g. SO2's or Sport Contacts. Car is still away for wheel alignment and not likely to get any miles until March, but I will post some feedback when I have it. Jason.
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