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  1. Checking alignment of moment arm to original pick up point on semi trailing arm and clearance around mounting bracket. Arm design needs further tweeks and the square hole was finished with file, but not to an acceptable standard, so need to improve machining and buy longer slot drill. Al least i can cut the bar to exact length and machine the square now. Finished the rear links now. M10 nylon lined rod end (with 8mm inserts) and home made pieces which take the original Porsche bushes. Just need some half nuts to lock them togther.
  2. Been a few design changes since I began. I originally wanted to use M8 rod ends, but when they arrived I thought they looked a bit weedy. Then I managed to find more photos plus diagrams of kits from Tarett and EB, which included hardware specs. Tarett use an M10 rod end with M8 inserts for the bottom of the link. This meant my adjustable aluminium arms needed to go from 20 to 25 mm wide, which meant ordering more material, redesigning the arm in CAD and re-machining the bar end square an extra 5mm. For the top of the link, I have used threaded hex bar and machined a ring which will accep
  3. Bit personal this one, as it's a 1977 C3, but it's nice to see one being hustled along at a reasonable rate! Jason
  4. All material pretty much in now. Milling and turning have begun. Still need to decide on M8 or M10 rod ends for the link rods. I also need to find dimensions for the three bolts used to mount the front bar to the inner wings.
  5. I have a Gunsons digital meter if you need to borrow one? Found my leaks by spraying brake cleaner around everything and listening for the revs rising. Jason.
  6. Stay safe, good hunting and don't forget to think like a mouse!
  7. With my car effectively off the road, due to broken head studs (and winter) I needed a reason to spend my evenings in the garage instead of in front of the TV. As I recently added a lathe and bandsaw to the garage toy list I figured it is a good time to make my own RSR style ARB's. Nothing too fancy, just cherry picking the bits I like from all of the available aftermarket options, but at a fraction of the price. I have plenty of Aluminium T6061 stock and have ordered 7/8" EN19T (4130 Cro Mo) bar which measures 22.25mm metric and cost £68 delivered. I still need to decide some measuremen
  8. Whilst I wait for confirmation of a job contract for next year, I thought I would hold off from starting the engine and gearbox rebuilds for cost reasons. Then I bought a lathe from ebay, followed by a bandsaw. I now have everything I need to get creative, so work will begin on making my own RSR style anti-roll bars, but I shall post this in the Suspension section. Jason.
  9. Yep, found on ebay for that complete 70's look! I have one unopened one left.
  10. Bought through TRE Motorsports Maple and Sapele, with laser etched pattern and polyurethane finish. Took around 9 months from order to arrival, but I do love it.
  11. Picked it up on Saturday, with lots of extras, but it's still on the garage floor. Only just got off the floor myself, as my son and I carried it in. All 130kg of it. 🥵
  12. Found this on eBay. Drooled over it, then bought it. With this and my little milling machine, I can now make RSR style ARB's front and rear, a cooler and spray bar for my gearbox rebuild and an over engineered throttle linkage for the Triumph ITB's. It's going to be a good winter. It's just a shame I still have to go to work. Just waiting for a stand to be delivered before I can start playing.
  13. Ian, it was driving pretty good now that I replaced all the the rubber in the K Jetronic system and gave it a quick tune. But that's four studs, just from the inlet side of cylinders 2 and 3. Haven't checked the exhaust side yet.
  14. I’m not very good at subtle hints, but I think my engine is trying to tell me it wants a rebuild. I’ll be doing the gearbox too and will try to remember pics and document as much as possible. Final spec will depend on what i find during tear down and budget, as I am still waiting to hear if I have a contract for next year. Jason
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