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  1. My first and only bike was a Chopper, mark 1 in red, 8th birthday present in '71. Still might have a picture up in the blanket box where all the old slides and photos are.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-911-3-3-turbo-1983-cabrio/143569006724?hash=item216d613084:g:LkgAAOSwHk9eg3op I'll let the comments flow...
  3. Number 2 son is hoping to start driving later this year, once we come out of this mess. I would like to get a classic we can both enjoy. He's itching to drive the IB, but I've told him not until he's at least 25! So other than the obvious Mini or Beetle, any other thoughts? Budget is £5k, and Dad's a bit of a numpty when it comes to repairing stuff, so no projects!
  4. Would love to join the rest of you guys, but sadly would not be possible with the amount of time I spend away from home for work, just not fair on the family. Can manage day trips though when everything back up and running again.
  5. Too easy. To the left of the wooden park bench, between trees 2&3 counting from the left from the RHS of the house.
  6. Seems about the market price if the condition is right. Would be circa £12k - £15k with the MOT.
  7. Forward planning. My wedding anniversary is 6 days after my birthday. ☺️
  8. Yep. Thinking about doing the weekly shop in mine tomorrow. 😉
  9. Work on the basis of being approximately right, rather than precisely wrong! Life's too short for anything else.
  10. Skies in rural Worcestershire much quieter now, so really interesting to spot what is flying over now.
  11. Had a 309GTI for a year back in 2000, great fun, though the build was a bit flimsy!
  12. Using Flightradar 24 (new hobby), saw a flight passing overhead going from Russia to Dominican Republic yesterday.
  13. Absolutely! Looking out on this green and pleasant land as I write this.
  14. The number of people dying in Italy because of covid-19 means that 20% more people are dying in Italy every day than would normally be the case, and the death rate from covid-19 is increasing. The best thing we can all do is to stay within our homes and only go out if absolutely necessary i.e for for food for at least the next 12 weeks.
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