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  1. I've got an Alfa Romeo sized itch at the moment, which I am in danger of scratching with a GTV6 from S. Africa. The attractions are: RHD market, better climate so less rust, and prices apparently much lower than the UK. Does anyone in the forum have direct recent experience of importing a car from S. Africa who could share there experiences and educate me on the more obvious pitfalls.
  2. Chris, I can have a scout for you at Prescott on Sunday if you like. If I see anyone I know has a Bugatti, I will ask them, or I can ask club office to put something into the weekly e-mail. Let me know if of interest. BR, Nigel
  3. Might add this to the 'Things I'm currently drooling over' thread. 💓
  4. I can beat that. Haze won't get into an automatic, neither as the driver nor the passenger. Limits my choice on a daily somewhat...
  5. 🥇 Good luck in the role Chris. Please don't put the membership fees up too much, it's mine and Hazel's 30th anniversary with the club next year and I want the badge...
  6. I agree, nice simple visual management. I only realised that the tax had run out on my daily when I got a somewhat stroppy automated letter from DVLA threatening to impound my car if I continued to use it without tax. The original reminder letter had never been received.
  7. Loads of 'sold' boards gone up round here in the last 2 weeks. I was originally planning to change my daily in the autumn, have now decided to leave it until next Spring given I'm not clocking up 1700 miles a month, and won't be for the forseeable.
  8. The Bugatti Owners Club is starting events from this weekend for members only. The second event which is open to members of other invited car clubs, which I think includes PCGB, is next Sunday the 12 July. Cost is £15 per run up the hill. Link to ticket purchase is here, note that you have to select a time as the club is limiting the number of people on site to maintain social distancing. https://www.prescotthillclimb.co.uk/event-details/prescott-drive-thru-day-for-invited-car-clubs I've booked for 2 runs in the early afternoon slot. Hope some can make it.
  9. Definitely not. To Mr Bernau's point, if I am forced by legislation or unavailability of fuel, then I will sadly move on to other things (probably my stamp collection, or golf, or whatever). I've had the sounds and smells of ICE's coursing through my veins for the last 57 years, and I have nothing else that engages me in the same way. My 17 year old can't wait for the day when he can experience the thrill from the drivers seat, rather than the passenger seat, and he sees cars primarily as a form of transport, not a passion.
  10. God! I was 4 months old when that was written. But I bet my Dad had a copy of the magazine.
  11. I note that my Waze no longer has option for warning about Police or mobile cameras, though fixed camera locations still pop up.
  12. Many a long year since those meetings/autojumbles. I think the last one I went to would have been 1996.
  13. Seems a bit over-priced for a glorified truck?
  14. One feels that if that piece of wood could talk it would have some very interesting stories to tell.

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