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  1. Age: 28. Model: 924 From: Michael Ticehurst, Henley Upon Thames Price paid: £4995 When: 1991
  2. Even if it became a reality in a limited set of circumstances e.g. dedicated lane(s) on a motorway, it's the unintended consequences that cause the greatest headaches. How do you cater for vehicles wanting to change lanes, exit or enter the lane, etc? As a fallible human being, will I remember that I've turned off the 'driverless' setting?
  3. After the miserable year of 2020, let’s look forward to a better 2021. Happy New Year all IB members and your families!
  4. Zak Brown (McLaren) and Richard Dean.
  5. OK, man maths says £9k plus shipping & 5% duty for this. Could be cheap classic motorsport?
  6. Thanks Nige, There were a few I didn't get, but great for exercising the little grey cells. The other Nige
  7. Seems that Porsche centres are quoting inflated prices... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-911-SC-1989-3-2-Air-Cooled-Flat-Six/124502514538?hash=item1cfced9b6a:g:xWsAAOSwfR5f5t4p What does this mean for valuations for insurance purposes?
  8. I thought LNG LYML L was in Nottinghamshire, not Derbyshire?
  9. All finished, and with added snow! ⛄️😃
  10. Let's hope they were actually insured. Although it's a load of hassle, at least it's only a bit of bent tin, as my late departed Dad would say.
  11. My best present by far... Perfectly complements the advent calendar that Mrs P gave me. Think I must have been a very good boy this year.😇😇
  12. Hope everyone and your families have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year
  13. Have a plan for that. Downsize the house, and upsize the garage...😀 Have a great Christmas 🎅 everyone, and hope for a better 2021.
  14. Congratulations to your brother. What was the total elapsed time?
  15. Went and checked the number. It was #1 as driven by Stirling Moss & Harry Schell at '57 Le Mans, I guess the garage photoshopped the #8 onto it. From Doug Nye's Stirling Moss: My cars, my career. The design and construction was suggested by Moss himself to Maserati; but wasn't properly finished (understatement) ahead of Le Mans. Moss quoted thus: 'But for the BRM V16, this could be the most horrible car I ever raced...' After the race it went to Mantuzzi who made some body modifications, bringing it closer to Costin's actual design, and making it a road car.
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