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  1. Would like to, but seems to be 'sold out'. Can you just turn up without hangar parking?
  2. Whilst in Italy this week, I visited this Classic Car showroom, really more like a museum, but you can buy the exhibits. Current stock included 964RS, 930 turbo, 2.4T, and a 1965 2.0 SWB. If anyone travels this way it is well worth a mooch. Surprisingly few Ferraris, but plenty of Alfa's, Lancia's, and other Italians. If you're into motorbikes then its even more worthwhile. https://www.ruotedasogno.com/en_gb/ Most cars are POA, but expect the prices to be high, as they tend to be either low mileage, low ownership, or complete rarities. The 964RS had only 13,000km on the clock
  3. Apple don't make their phones, it's all contracted out to Foxconn, who also make pretty much everything that is branded Amazon or Google (think virtual assistants), and most other consumer electronics giant, they also own a number of brands such as Sharp, Belkin. The size of Foxconn is scary huge, with sales revenue measured in the trillions of dollars, but really small operating margins (single % gross margin), and they are driven to deliver cost reductions of 3-4% a quarter to their customers.
  4. The majority of consumer electronics assembly is carried out in low cost countries: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Slovakia, etc because a combination of us as consumers driving manufacturers down on price through our behaviours to buy on price, and our unwillingness to ask the hard questions about what this means for the long term sustainability of the planet.
  5. It was shown on the Classic Car Stereos Stand at the NEC show this weekend. I was assured that there is definitely now supply, and regular shipments into the UK. https://www.classiccarstereo.co.uk/classic-car-stereos/blaupunkt-classic-car-stereo/blaupunkt-bremen-sqr-46-dab-bt/
  6. I'll fit right in on both counts! 😉 Porsche Club stand around 2:00 ish?
  7. As I've not met anyone in person before, how would I recognise you?
  8. Seems about right, you've got the duty, then 20% VAT, and then the freight charges separately.
  9. If you follow the link in the add it appears legit. Maybe he's just trying to save on ebay fees? http://www.mossmotors.co.uk/porsche-911-6459060
  10. Anyone else going from on here? Planning to go on Saturday.
  11. At least the seller correctly describes it as having poor modifications 😂
  12. 1997; 11 years a mortgage slave (still have 4 to go even today), 944 turbo silver rose in the garage.
  13. White Club Sport, believed genuine, with BRDC member sticker in Windscreen. Red Sport with Region 13 PCGB and MAC stickers in windscreen. Couldn't resist the opportunity to park alongside to make the obligatory White/Red/Blue tricolour.
  14. Ha! I ran a P38 Range Rover for a year or so, and they are much maligned. Substantially more reliable than my current VW Passat, which is an absolute dog and VW refuse to do anything about.
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