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  1. I think it is unlikely to happen as an organised event. BOC has a members drive through event this Saturday at Prescott and the only way that they have been allowed to run it is for members to have a Motorsport UK issued license. The reason being: 'As the UK Government has restricted sporting activities to 'authorised' we are privileged to run this event with special permission and authorisation from Motorsport UK.' Whilst Drive it Day isn't a sporting activity I am sure that organisers of events are being careful in what they organise, so as to avoid potential for £10,000 fines.
  2. Shouldn't that read £250, plus £750 Porsche Tax plus VAT. 🤣 No good for me anyway, can't play my CD's. Me no understand the bluetooth, reference the other thread.
  3. They are planning on re-opening on 12 April in line with changes to lockdown rules allowing food/drink to be served outdoors. Tickets required for Wednesday evenings and weekends. First IB meet of 2021 anyone? Rule of 6 to apply, of course.
  4. Nope. Hi-fi system is perfectly good Harman Kardon system from circa 1996. TV surround system is from 2007, and controlled with an infra red remote. No Alexa, no wireless audio of any description. Teenage son has some stuff, but I have no idea what it is, nor have I ever used it.
  5. I don’t think I have ever found a useful Bluetooth application. In fact I can’t recall ever using it. 🦖💻
  6. Or in groups of 4 so that we keep to the rule of 6 😀
  7. It might be a typo? Should it be $580.00? Bit more affordable then.
  8. For those of us of a certain age, how about adding your memorables from that timeframe? As you can tell from our family list, there was quite an Italian bias, but French cars were a no-no.
  9. Recent comments about Lancia Fulvias on another thread set my head thinking about how diversity in family cars has declined steadily over the last 40 plus years, and is set to plunge further as we rush headlong into an electrified future. Such are the small differences between manufacturers now that the main point of difference seems to revolve around the infotainment system. Casting my mind back to childhood, and the period from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's feels like the richest period for diversity. Yes there was stodge and dross, step forward the Wolseley 1500, but there were also
  10. Likewise. Recommend that it’s fully warmed up when you take it for the MOT otherwise the tester may fail it on emissions.
  11. What about Mrs Thomas's 18 year old daughter?
  12. A true gentleman in the best sense of the word. Sadly, being teamed with Senna at Lotus did not allow him to show his F1 potential, though his sportscar career was much more successful. Another sad day indeed and a reminder of our own mortality.
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