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  1. I've sold a couple of classics using Pistonheads both went within a week of posting the adverts ... also sold one via Brooklands Historics Auctions.
  2. kin 'ell... when that fired up 🎵
  3. Very nice ...I want one....but they have put the steering wheel on he wrong side 🤡
  4. Spotted today around 1310 heading North on the A22 at Wych Cross..looked nice Anyone from here? I was in the white coupe heading South and gave you a flash (of the headlights!) Cheers DT
  5. I have no connection to the sale but saw this on PH So if you're after one... https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11842866
  6. Cool...look foward to seeing pics of your finished car Gotta love GPW and Black
  7. Oh does the link not work? Diagram in it shows position of badge
  8. Found this older thread hope it helps Cheers DT
  9. Nice shots of this in the opening sequences Still on the road according to dvla Anyone from here own it?
  10. Any ETA through East Grinstead to Tun Wells? I can cheer you on🖒😷
  11. I was 8 months LOL ... 63 is the right year though🖒
  12. Found this copy of Motor magazine from October 1963 Some text about the new Type 901 some "old" 356 for sale ads and a great customer letter to AFN that made me laugh..
  13. That looks great!! ⛤⛤⛤⛥✔
  14. I am dreaming of an H van I just love them
  15. slightly off topic but dusted off my old road bike to take out for a spin ... looked at it ..looked at me ...then decided ..leave it alone had this 40 years now
  16. Had a few I should have kept but miss the noise this one used to make
  17. Currently reading a book called "In My Time - memoires of a racing cyclist" by ex pro rider Mick Coward Quite an interesting read for me as I was a keen road racer myself back in the late 70's and had a frame made by Mick in 79..I still have this bike along with one of his old racing frames that I am slowly building into a race bike...so the book is a good source of reference
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