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  1. Same , cant believe it was 2012 when I last went...
  2. The Lotus wasn’t road registered , that’s the original Lotus trade plate , it was doing shake down laps for Goodwood... That was about as fast as I could go Phil , if I pushed harder the tyres went off and the brakes went long ....
  3. Another great day at Snett , good to see you Mark , Paul and Ben(we owe you money) , plus a visit from @norfolkboy aka Ian , lots of very modified hot hatches , an Aston vantage racecar , a superb Lotus 15 in the next garage and some GT3RS's ..plus at the end a McLaren 720..extremely fast! Although the racecars and hatches could be a pain at least Snett has lots of space , let them by , back off and go again.. Doing a trackday in sport seats with road tyres certainly makes a difference , boiled my brakes trying to keep up with Mark 😎 all good fun.. Made a schoolboy error in mounting the camera right in the blue toptint of the screen 🤡 so had to run a filter through it to lighten it a bit , not good quality but hey ho.. anyways .. me and Mr Starkey barreling around..
  4. Top job Ben , see you all there tomorrow , fyi there is a brand new services at the Snett junction so no need for track priced fuel...
  5. The old 6 speed one was , tbh not sure what the 8 is , thought it might be the zf one , best dsg’s Are prob in vag group , a 1.2 petrol with a dsg feels like a 2.0 , or at least it did in a Skud loaner I had
  6. My company Sportage has a dsg, great for normal driving, doesn’t like crawling in traffic , have to turn off start stop as it’s a pain ... new focus has an 8 speed conventional auto
  7. don't know how he drives it sitting back there
  8. That’s a shame Chris , hope you get it sorted soon .. @jevvy coming?
  9. they are 2280 euro inc vat from Rose Passion
  10. I haven’t , happy to chip in on one though
  11. That’s from 911rennsport , bought my sport seats from them , knocked some money off when I asked .... they have loads of bits so always worth an ask
  12. Zoomed past me , looking good Xris
  13. longman

    Thames TV

    one for you Jev... 😜
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