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  1. Have you tried Paisley freight? £27 inc vat or thereabouts https://www.paisleyfreight.com/
  2. This was parked in my local Waitrose recently , looked lovely
  3. Internet says S3 weighs 1067kg https://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/car/?car=8492
  4. The one in Castle Lotus is 3 miles from me ,they are part if https://hiltonandmoss.com , their sales guy lives in the village and drinks in my local ...🍺👍🏼... let me know if your going to look at the one in Bishops Stortford and I’ll ask about price
  5. https://www.castlesportscars.co.uk/?action=epl_search&post_type=property&property_status=&property_location=7&property_id=Esprit&property_price_from=&property_price_to=
  6. longman

    2035 ban?

    Nope , makes sense as a company car , 0 bik and a 250 mile range . It’s just like any other normal car only electric
  7. longman

    2035 ban?

    I would deffo go EV on a daily/company car , the best of the midsize bunch looks to be the Kia eNiro or the Hyundai Kona e (same underneath) , the Niro being a bit bigger , not the best looker though.. Watched this the other day re real range , interesting to see how far they actually go.. Diesels are already being penalised anywhere in Islington with a £3 per hour surcharge on parking , 2 hrs is about £14.... Also found this interesting..
  8. I’m going to get the car back first and see a welder/fabricator before I jump on this Pete , don’t really want to remove the old wishbone .. so ill pass at the mo 🙄
  9. Off side ?? Drivers side ?? Is a goodun Pete? If so I’ll have it ..
  10. Did these sell? , need a drivers side one ..
  11. https://www.rosepassion.com/en/parts-porsche-911-1987-eu-3-2-g50-coupe-manual-gearbox-5-speed/rims-and-track-wideners-and-accessories-217/jante-fuchs-origine-16-pouces-3874/p583852-original-fuchs-wheels-16-x-7j-et-23-3-mm-16-x-7-inches-3875-0-583852 https://www.rosepassion.com/en/parts-porsche-911-1987-eu-3-2-g50-coupe-manual-gearbox-5-speed/rims-and-track-wideners-and-accessories-217/jante-fuchs-origine-16-pouces-3874/p583853-original-fuchs-wheels-16-x-8j-et-10-6-mm-16-x-8-inches-3875-0-583853 all out of stock , listed as 570 euro each for 7 , 8 and 9"
  12. Getting stuck behind Haith is certainly a problem ..😁
  13. They are 570 euro each and all out of stock at rose passion
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