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  1. I had the seat rails cut out on the drivers side on my 86 g50 3.2 , the new fittings for a set of Recaro SPG and mounts were welded to the floor . I had 2 slim box section rails made up that took the original seat fittings that I could then bolt to the new floor mount if I wanted to refit the original seats
  2. Still bloody expensive for what it is
  3. Sky remote is bluetooth ,we have 3 portable speakers that are ,my headphones are ,my phone is , my watch is , both car stereo's are ....use them all. Agree some stuff does seem pretty pointless
  4. Part no. 91164559000 PCCM https://www.design911.com/Porsche-Classic-Communication-Management-91164559000/prod144494/?source=doofinder
  5. Good 3D printing project! Yar bringing the Gentleman’s express ..
  6. Got some trim parts from MB yesterday, nice little job and looks much better than the broken bits .. £95 though 😬
  7. My Dad had lots of cars around as he was a photographer for Ford , they weren’t always Fords either .. my greatest memory is me standing out the sunroof of his Granada 2.8i sport estate swearing my head off thinking he couldn’t hear .. he could
  8. Insurance is bonkers innit ! Mines up on the SL and the new quote from Classicline was £240 which is a fiver up from last year , for giggles I stuck the details into a comparison site and that came back at £165 through Admiral on a normaL policy .. go figure
  9. I drove the previous 80 sport to that back in the day , it felt like a rocketship compared by mk4 1.3 escort
  10. 8’s look loads better than 7’s on the rear , if you can ,do what Xris did and get a set of 8’s and put your 7’s up front although the finish may be different.. I had a set of non gen 7 and 9 from @Type911 as well as a set of gen 7 and 8’s the non gen ones are a lot heavier and the petals on the 7’s aren’t quite right , only the Fuchs police would notice though ..
  11. Just found out @REX and some mates will be there too ..
  12. http://www.retroridesweekender.com Link at bottom of page
  13. Me n Les have booked retro parking as well ..
  14. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/alfa-romeo/155/listing/2939611233 cool as https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/alfa-romeo/159/listing/3012138844
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