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  1. just luck for the video , it was an IB day iirc
  2. Long gone now , it was a 3.2 ish with 278bhp and weighed 1120kilo Gentleman's express Lewis....
  3. cripes . 11 yrs since I went , great track.. https://youtu.be/UgULhAn-2Wo?si=PF0IsKuuVEx0KOG6
  4. I sure did , 225 S02 on a 9" wheel..
  5. My new company car is a plug in hybrid from the VAG group , got mainly for the low BIK . 1.4 turbo and some elastictrickery , when my company decide on how to renumerate for when I plug it in (£3:60 to charge at 27p per kwh) I will.... Uncharged it works as a conventional hybrid , 51mpg ave today over 125 miles , I can make it self charge on a motorway etc but the mpg really drops. Last week with a full charge I drove from mine to Bedford and back , about 90 miles and the car indicated an average of 97mpg but I did use all the battery..
  6. Feckin horrid thing , who is this Mickey Thompson bloke with the tyres .. fools
  7. Hi Franck , I'd love to attend another of your fab events albeit as an observer this time as I don't have a track car , many fab memories of the past events ,maybe message Tripe and Mr Perkles....
  8. longman

    New owner

    Matt is yer man
  9. longman

    New owner

    Hi Elan re bodywork many of us have used Sportwagen in Southend with good results
  10. I swapped from stock Boge to Bilstein clubsports yonks ago and did a lot of trackdays , years later I switched back to Boge for comfort
  11. Don't forget to swap over/fit new bumpstops on the new ones , the Boge/Sachs shocks don't come with them
  12. longman

    Rust bubbles

    That's coming from the inside , wouldn't be surprised if the kidney bowl is goosed
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