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  1. longman

    Strut brace

    get the alignment done first and fit it there .. I have one and asked the question at center gravity if it was worth it ,Chris reckons so ..
  2. longman

    New SC Targa

    that looks great.. top colour choice 😚 ..get it lower 😜
  3. longman

    Help me choose a new system....

    Have you looked at cargraphic ? https://www.cargraphicts.com/en/products/exhaust-systems/for-porsche/911-models/911/911-32-g-models/motorsport-racing/
  4. longman

    Removal of factory underseal and glue

    makes it brittle , then whack it with a hammer and it breaks up ..
  5. longman

    Newbie questions

    Got one of these in the eldest scar , Bluetooth music and phone into any car fm stereo via a radio frequency... works well https://www.amazon.co.uk/VICTSING-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Navigation-Hands-free/dp/B07FKL2WVX
  6. longman

    New red knobs!

    Nige’s Knobs πŸ˜€
  7. longman

    August date for your diary. Boxengasse

    Not interested in air cooled Porsche only gatherings ... they all look the same anyway ....
  8. Not from Tuthills as never been there , not sure if it is Les behind Ian either , looks like a targa ...I recall a Bicester trip where we stopped at a cafe , then my nav took us on an awesomely random route around Buckingham .... might be then .. @Northy good shout , it’s already my desktop:)
  9. On the way to Bicester I think , hegarty reckon 2016 ...
  10. just saw this pop up on facebook , I like the pic they're using....
  11. longman

    The Old Guard.

    Al scared me silly at Snett in that CS , aquaplaned down Senna straight in the rain .. and then the wipers packed up.... I didnt get back in πŸ˜‰
  12. longman

    Anyone Know This Car Or Seller?

    Its listed on the sellers website ,which looks legit and has some feedback via googling it .... same seller and address as ebay , although its listed as a semi auto???
  13. longman

    Heater control relay

    This? You can have my old one , are you going to Bicester??