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  1. softer is good mate , the clubsport/rally ones I had were a ball ache on anything bar a pool table smooth road
  2. longman

    Quality rubber or poly suspension bushes

    website says 3 yrs/60k miles warranty
  3. longman

    Quality rubber or poly suspension bushes

    Just saying the genuine ones have lasted 30 plus years but the aftermarket ones are having issues at 5 yrs or less .. if and when I need any suspension bushes I think I’ll stick with The genuine ones ..
  4. longman

    Quality rubber or poly suspension bushes

    Is there actually anything wrong with genuine Porsche bushes? Replacing 30 plus yr old bushes with new is going to make a difference anyway ... Chris at Center grav reckoned there was no real reason to change to poly
  5. longman

    Yoko AD08r

    I run 205/225 Toyo R1R for wet and dry track use on a spare set of wheels , can’t fault them and prefer them to 888’s , I also have a set of Bridgestone S02’s on for daily use , have tried them on track but they’re not a patch on the Toyo’s , in fact I prefer the R1R over anything else I have had on the car , when the S02’s are old or worn I’m sticking another set of the R1R’s on ...
  6. longman

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    Sportwagen Great Wakering Essex for bodywork , Bruce tells it like it is and the guys do great work http://www.sportwagen.co.uk/ Harvey formally of Autostrasse @ Colwood Motorsports in Hornchurch for servicing and general maintenance..plus a good MOT station ..passed on sat ..
  7. longman

    Oulton RS day 2019

    https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/24439182?location=Oulton Park Circuit%2C Little Budworth%2C United Kingdom&adults=6&children=0&infants=0&check_in=2019-03-07&check_out=2019-03-09&s=sJkUNGpe get 6 people to book and get something like this place ...
  8. longman

    What seats will fit ??

  9. longman

    What seats will fit ??

    Still got them ? Interested...
  10. longman

    Oulton RS day 2019

    Got the email but not booked as yet , didn’t do last year due to being skint ... the local premier inn is loads cheaper than the Swan but needs to be booked en mass or the price goes up on the website ... I think it was the Sandiway ☝️
  11. longman

    Fresh air blower fan shroud

    All fitted and working great ,oiled the motor whilst it was out then just had to drill out the clip for the bowden cable and refit to Jonny's replacement casing .. Surprised at the amount of fresh air through the vents .. only ever been a waft out of them since I've owned it .... Cheers Jonny
  12. longman

    Fuchs. Visual on 16’s 6 & 7’s or wider

    Who knows! Haven’t had them refinished yet ..heavier than Fuchs but not as heavy as minilites ..
  13. longman

    Fuchs. Visual on 16’s 6 & 7’s or wider

    No issues although they are heavy compared to gen Fuchs... old garage door knocked one over and scuffed it ... at least it’s cheap to get fixed as non anodised .. or even to replace it with another I like the look without centercaps .. I do have them though ... somewhere.. always ask Matt what he can do , he helps lots on this forum and no .. the 7&8’s are not for sale....
  14. longman

    Fuchs. Visual on 16’s 6 & 7’s or wider

    D911 and Matt’s are the same ... or they were when I got my set ..I have them on mine in 7 and 9 flavours from Matt and a set of genuine 7&8’s in the garage the 7’s look a little different on the petals but the 8’s and 9’s look great ...
  15. longman

    There are still nice people in the world

    Just found this pic of my car at Bicester on insta ... no Welshman eating chips though