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  1. I’ll be in Norfolk but can’t do the drive Ian , booked some away time with mrs teapot
  2. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1225851
  3. Dunno what pads are currently on mine but they are proper dusty , interested to know how you get on with the EBC ones .. on another note I got seagulled today ! , the *beep* hit the seatbelt in between my shoulder and the receiver , it’s not a big gap ..
  4. I know what you mean , most have the 8 hole . The early ones had 15 hole as standard iirc . You can still get the Monkar and Alamak new .. https://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/mercedes_alloy_wheels/sl_class_r129_alloys
  5. The road to Lesmondes is too narrow and twisty , sharp corners and heavy braking , its not suited for that kind of driving ,on fast flowing roads its fine but I just don't drive it that way.. Were the Monkar not the standard wheels and the Alamak an option? I've seen them with both. Its got a new unused Alamak spare in the boot..
  6. A beer and a chinwag is allowed dude you forgot the n ...yes Finchingfield Yay France
  7. Met Les for a socially distanced beer tonight , first time I’ve missed the IB as it’s a 30 min blat on good roads to his .. mind you I’ve done 1500 miles in it so far and minimal blat roads so it works for me at the mo ..
  8. Mines through KGM underwriters , google away.. If its with them again next year I'll move it somewhere else
  9. Classic line give you a discount if you say you are a tipec member or a retrorides forum member , I’m currently insured with them on the SL , not sure on the underwriters though , not such a good rep 😬
  10. I’m pretty sure it was set up at Center Gravity with a little lower please by Shirish so should be pretty much right on , get rid of the rear shims and bolt on some 225’s , as SP says they drive much better that way
  11. I ran 245 on 9’s on the rear with a similar setup (CG) but with no shims as under full compression 1 tyre would rub on the lip of the arch .. on the front I ran 3 mm shims no issue.. edit no I didn’t .. ran 225 on 9 and 245 on an 8 back in the day .. Got that exact same rub line ...
  12. Yep sounds like a sticky solenoid , mine stayed on after I turned it off , burnt out the starter and melted the immobiliser , mine was also about a year old exchange unit....
  13. All depends on whats found when stripped and if you want it done properly

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