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  1. double0

    Back in Black

    Great work! Thanks for all the pics.
  2. Thanks Matt - so they couldn’t have got it more wrong really!
  3. Hi - sorry it's taken a while to come back to you. I'll try and post a pic of what I have and having checked it was the same seller. Ordered and delivered Oct 19 and they were £155 + £10 delivery at the time. Marked on the bag as Targa / Cabrio RHD 84-89 but the passenger side doesn't fit at all and the rears are not identical to my originals so it could be that I have the Coupe version instead. If you could post a pic of the second hand Targa passenger side that would be great - I really struggled to find any pictures of that piece online. Ideally I need a light coloured version to match my other originals but I went for black from the German store as all they had available and thought that I'd replace both sides front and back and would look ok and be more hard wearing. Silver911SC - glad you got sorted with Southbound and that's where I'll probably end up too for overmats - like you say what I ordered is more the carpet set front and rear so not really what you were looking for.
  4. I have set from I think the same German seller bought a couple of years ago but never used as the passenger side which is what I really needed doesn’t fit my 85 Targa although the mat quality is great. My passenger side carpet was missing when I got the car so think that I need to try Southbound for that. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-carpet-set-for-Porsche-911-3-2-Coupe-RHD-Silverknit-Velours-/224524144476?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  5. Popped into Sheffield OPC today in the car and with my V5 hoping it would be a quick job just to register there and then but need to book in for an hour appointment when their guy who deals with this is back in a week or so. They photocopied my V5 whilst I was there and they did say it would be better if could be done online. Sounds like form filling at the appointment and an explanation of what the benefits are etc although that seems well documented already. I can't imagine they get too many of these registrations as if so would be taking a lot of their time. I suppose it's the personal touch and I can ask about the badge when I do go in. I think they changed the rules in 2020 from 15% discount on parts to only getting 15% if fitted at the OPC, presumably as there was no benefit to all this for the OPC if not getting the work.
  6. Agree - have already booked in with my local tyre place to have all four fitted tomorrow. Standard road use only for me so I'm sure they'll be fine. Cheers.
  7. Have just ordered for £100 the Blaupunkt Madrid 200BT which looks pretty good. Have two original Bremen SQR49’s that I should probably look to sell as not being used. One has a tape stuck in it I seem to remember so probably needs a refurb. Details here although I bought elsewhere: https://audiovisualworld.co.uk/blaupunkt-madrid-200bt-bluetooth-rds-tuner-handsfree-usb-aux-in.html
  8. Ordered and just had delivered R16 of these (225/50 and 205/55) from black circles but annoyingly being delivered in two different packages by two couriers so have to wait for the fronts to come later today. Anyhow primarily to replace very old Conti's on the rear that are date stamped 2005! Haven't seen much reference to these here so hope are decent, have got to be a vast improvement on the old hard rubber. The fronts are Goodyear currently from 2017 put on quickly for a MOT fail and have loads of tread but will probably replace all four and keep them as spares or see if I can move them on. Posting just in case anyone is looking for N rated at a decent price as cost me £417 for all four delivered but suspect stock will be running down as my local tyre place couldn't source them from their usual suppliers.
  9. Cheers - have been doing some miles and enjoying the decent weather but not ragging it as it needs a service now that I have the MOT and have also just ordered some new tyres as the rears have plenty of tread but when checking can see that they were manufactured 2005! Have just ordered a full set as the Porsche rated Michelins (Pilot Exalto) I was looking at seem to have been discontinued and so getting them whilst I can at a decent price through blackcircles.
  10. Glad it was an easy fix! I've never seen a Sporto in action and great that it's now working perfectly. Is this a UK original car as if so I'm guessing there may not be too many around now given low numbers and some being converted to manual along the way?
  11. Makes you wonder what they would have done if losing the earlier type no longer available for them to replace new?! Presumably the new ones are supplied painted white and look better than these or do you need to get them painted up to match?
  12. Sailed through MOT yesterday after being off the road since end last year (MOT expired July 2020 in lockdown but had the six month DVLA automatic extension to Jan 2021). Emissions fine with CO reading of 1.87 against a limit of 4.5 and HC of 44 against a limit of 1200. Had a half hour warm up drive before dropping off at the garage which I’m sure helped. Did a couple of jobs whilst off road, installing the Rennline / Mitch Leland steering bush to stop some movement in the wheel and also a new fog light switch which was a real pain as anyone who has done this job will know. Anyhow good to be on the road again, particular seeing that I’ve only covered 1420 miles since the last MOT in July 2019.
  13. double0


    Congrats and just in time for the good weather!. Hope the works don't take too long so you can get out and drive it!
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