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  1. 786

    8 x 15 Fuchs

    saw some on ebay, $300 each iirc.
  2. 786

    Porsche posters

    Awesome, thank you! I just visited my independent yesterday and was thinking I need some more posters in my garage. I ordered one of an airborne Carrera RSR Turbo on the Nurburgring I saw there as soon as I got home. I'll be adding some from your link as well, much appreciated Here are some pics I took yesterday to give an idea:
  3. 786

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    Another option for sure, hadn't really thought to do this but might be the easiest route. Thanks.
  4. 786

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    Thanks, had checked GT Racing already and nothing, checked Club Autosport and nothing as well. http://clubautosport.co.uk/?s=valance Rennspd used to make this but NLA, already contacted them.
  5. 786

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    Ya exactly, just means a valance sans fog light holes. Here in the US they are all metal, expensive, and still hard to find in stock. Will get one of those if I have to but wanted to see if there were any alternatives in Europe first.
  6. 786

    370mm Prototipo Replica

    I got this one, I think 55mm iirc. https://store.windingroad.com/sparco-steering-wheel-spacers---2-inch-p1791.aspx?utm_medium=cse&utm_source=googlebase&Color=Black&gclid=CjwKCAiA1ZDiBRAXEiwAIWyNC3wG-P_mr5nLRUyaKlcoKOAtNektyQX_KR8OuZloLIaboEjDpPkPIhoCqZAQAvD_BwE
  7. 786

    ClubSport Valance Needed

    Hi all, anyone know a company that makes a ClubSport Valance? Preferably fiberglass or cf, something light.
  8. 786

    370mm Prototipo Replica

    Also look into getting a small extender as it can be a bit close to the dash top.
  9. 786

    £100k 89 3.2 Carrera

    Crazy. And weird color. Market softening too fast, this will sit.
  10. 786

    905kg? Really possible?

    That’s a great result in weight with not a huge amount changed. Probably a good basis to get started. Thanks for the post, very helpful.
  11. 786

    weber carbs

    This company in UK making new ones again. http://www.webcon.co.uk/default.asp
  12. 786

    RB's 930GT

    i havent seen all the chromaflair colors but the ones ive seen dont interest me, the absurd price notwithstanding. that gold 2RS is here at my local Porsche dealer. i may go look at it in person but pics are meh. but agreed, need a GT car at a minimum, seems a waste on a regular model, especially as the paint costs more than the car lol.
  13. 786

    Hello! Just bought a 911SC race car...

    Looks fantastic, can you post more pics and provide details on the wheels/sizing etc?
  14. 786

    RB's 930GT

    Makes the Liquid Metal Chrome Blue on the 918 seem a right bargain at only $64k.
  15. 786

    RB's 930GT

    Cobalt isn't a bad color, that blue you posted is way brighter and thus more attention grabbing. Not for everyone. Also, PTS. Just my opinion of course.