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  1. 786


    Porsche would never drop an opportunity to make money, CoA has been replaced with PPS.
  2. I do have a graduate level degree but hard to believe you got lost in a simple back and forth.
  3. Ah, yes that is a fair point. But 18,000 is still a lot of cars. Wonder how many are left.
  4. Ultimately, I think prices for these cars are buoyed by drivers like you and me, not collectors. We are willing to pay for the experience and don't care as much about collectability, future values, etc.
  5. I'm not, please see my comment to John Glynn above yours.
  6. The only way that makes sense is if the 964 supply has drastically reduced from the stated 18,000 production, and I mean drastically. Market for collectible things is ultimately dictated by supply of that thing. I was not saying the RS market was linked to the 964 market, was merely giving an example of how not collectible these things actually are, hype can go a long way.
  7. Compared to anything collectible. For example, the 991.1 RS' value was very inflated for a time (I know several owners so went through the tribulations with them) and now are dropping fast or sitting unsold. They made 5,000 globally, that's not a collector grade number. They made more than the 997.1, 997.2 and RS 4.0 combined. If a GT car they made 5,000 of isn't collectible why would a standard model they made 18,000 of be? I'm not a collector mind you, but looking at market values for many of the "special" cars of the last decade or two, production numbers needed to be in the 1XXX range or less to be really collectible & climb in value over time. There can always be bubbles for different marques or models, but they tend not to have staying power. Just my observation.
  8. Thanks, I was already thinking to go that route but wanted to see if someone sold the whole system (header to muffler) before piecing it together myself. The Dansk race system was pictured but it's for earlier cars.
  9. That is TBD, I was told by some local PCA folks that feel and handling would improve with the 50. I want more compliance and a period look so suggested larger sidewall and they poo poo'd it. I'll have to see for myself. Car tuning can be trial & error at times. I had another guy tell me to do 70 series tires but his car was bone stock early 70s.
  10. Anyone make a system like this for a 3.2?
  11. Ya they are 8.5 front and 9 rear. I was thinking to try 7/8 first. I may do a 50 series tire though, the bounciness you felt may be due to 60+ series tires.
  12. That looks good to me, what are your wheel widths and tire specs? I was thinking something like this
  13. Ok, thanks. I'm going to try a set of 15" Fuchs and see how I get on. I prefer the bigger sidewall period look anyway. I have terrible roads to contend with so the 16s, while definitely firm & planted, don't offer much compliance going down the road.
  14. Those look great. I moved from 6" to 7" fronts and have a hard time remembering if the 6"s required this much effort at parking speeds? How are your 6"s? I think I am moving to 15's as I don't really like the feel of 16's.
  15. FYI, there is a thread on Pelican to get larger SSIs for 3.2s made. I don't know the current status as I am doing headers but you might look there before pulling the trigger on an undersized unit.
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