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  1. 786

    Sweet Rides

    Haven’t seen one of these in forever
  2. Always wanted to do this ever since seeing Ed Bolians run.
  3. Looks in great shape, congrats 🍾
  4. Looks like Pirellis on the SC, not sure about the 3.2. This letter in the next issue was interesting...
  5. True, and I thought they had the same or similar manual racks so was surprised at the review. It all must boil down to wheel/tire size and alignment/suspension health as you say. I have also been told a lightweight flywheel adds zinginess to a 3.2.
  6. A lot of folks hate on 15’s but they seem to be the sweet spot for road cars in terms of fun. I’m getting a set of 15’s for this reason, less mechanical grip and hopefully lighten the steering a bit. I prefer the period look as well.
  7. In their pics the 3.2 appears to be on 16 inch wheels but their spec sheet says otherwise, maybe that is the issue. Just a typo on their part.
  8. Here’s what they wrote for both cars, doesn’t make sense to me as both the 3.2 and SC were on identical sized tires and 15 inch wheels. The steering and mechanical grip should be similar no?
  9. Was reading an old Evo issue (before the mag became rubbish) comparing several generations of 911. They were particularly critical of the 3.2 and 993. Regarding the 3.2, they faulted the heavy steering and too much mechanical grip making the car less fun/exploitable than the SC. My question is, as both the SC and 3.2 have unassisted steering, how is the 3.2 rack so much heavier/worse than the SC? I initially assumed both faults levied at the 3.2, heavy steering and too much mechanical grip, were due to wider 16” wheels but the attached spec sheet shows identical tire sizes for both SC and 3.2 tested. Seems strange?
  10. makes a big difference in stiffness/feel. had a clubsport bar in my 997TT and several other cars. for road-only cars makes less sense as it could hurt you in a crash.
  11. 786

    Sweet Rides

    Lol jk mate Tbh I liked his previous Singer better, this one seems a bit contrived to me. Previous one was a nice blue 'standard' model. Correct sir.
  12. 786

    Sweet Rides

    man, you're really into this car. i can connect you with the owner if you'd like to fluff him personally? 918 and fezza you said
  13. Big congrats, one of M’s greatest hits surely. I had a dear friend in Aberdeen that had one and loved it, chopped it in for a 997 GT3 and tragically passed away in a crash. But he spoke very highly of the CSL. I’d probably have one if they ever sold it in the States. My big regret is not picking up a 1M when those came out, probably the spiritual successor to the CSL. M2 doesn’t seem to have the same magic, and 1M prices have bore this out.
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