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  1. ya im on their email list and the prices are LOL-worthy
  2. https://www.elferspot.com/en/car/porsche-911-carrera-30-1976-313753/?utm_source=Elferspot&utm_campaign=62e74b4df6-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_KW26&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ea5304cb68-62e74b4df6-78762587 Another Continental Orange 3.0 for sale, 128k EUR.
  3. Interesting car, one of those Paul Stephens builds?
  4. 786

    Audi Q5?

    I only see younger hot girls in Q5’s over here, if that’s the look you’re going for 😉
  5. Had a 6 series of that vintage in the family, interior suffered greatly with only a years use. We don’t get the diesels over here so I’d guess the drivetrains would be less problematic. Folks rate the Z4M but I’ve never tried one. The touring would interest me the most. if they sold some of the cool estate cars over here I’d be all over that as a daily. RS6 or some AMG variant. Saw a bunch in Germany and they were awesome. Also found it interesting they’re mostly debadged so quite discreet.
  6. Can’t option a wider body shell. I suppose you could option the other stuff to an S but I don’t think I’ve seen one very often with the power kit. That was a $17,000 option here so not many went for it.
  7. I don't know, I have driven several 997S and GTS and there was a difference. More than the sum of its parts I felt. Maybe not worth the premium used, but if I was looking for a street friendly 997 it would be on my list. Comparing to the 997.1 GT3s I've driven, it felt like a civilized version of that car. Power was similar (408hp vs 415hp) and the wider rear track on the GTS maybe gave it some more grip to get the handling closer but was softer. It went well is all im saying, I personally would still want the GT3 because of the engine and I don't mind the rawness of that car, but a GTS was not a bad compromise. My good friend had one with the aerokit, maybe that's why I made the civilized GT3 connection, it really did look and feel like that. I have noticed people who haven't driven one speak ill of it though or call it a parts bin special. I will also say that Porsche slapping the GTS badge on every car in the lineup taints the original a bit and probably changed perceptions.
  8. @Richard Bernau Have you driven a GTS? It's not about being a GT-anything, it's a great balance between the regular models and the GT models. It could be considered a civilized GT3. Looks great too with the wider bodyshell.
  9. 786

    Moto GP

    No, missed it. Cliffs?
  10. Who makes the UK kit? Once my cars body work is complete I was planning to do Sal’s kit.
  11. Beauty congrats! And you better believe Pool won it, best in the world now!! 😬😁😁
  12. FYI, for a 3.2 I’d consider Sal’s kit if injectors alone cost that much. Go on Pelican and search Sal Carceller “The MAF is a system of parts, a completely tuned solution, it's not a MAF conversion. It comes with: Special DME to run the MAF, no core charge you keep your stock DME 6 special Bosch OEM 30lb modern 4-hole injectors. You need larger injectors for a 3.4 or 3.5 else you risk fuel starvation at hi-RPMs. Plus you should never run an injector above 85% duty cycle (on time vs off time). The MAF, MAF Housing, Special Air Cleaner, Mounting Bracket and special wire harness. The MAF is 100% plug and play, you alter no wiring and no extra wires required. Simply install new injectors then install the pre-assembled MAF and plug in the new DME. Turn the key and start the engine. Cost for the complete pre-tuned single plug MAF setup is $2300 I really do not recommend my other chip+inj setup simply because it still leaves a 30+ year old air meter in place. These old AFMs are out of calibration because of age and often have worn carbon tracks that are about to fail. I can't spend that much time diagnosing old AFMs especially if we have a far better MAF solution for reasonable price.”
  13. it's a cool car in a dark color, a bit too 'transformer' otherwise. new Ferrari seems much more cohesive.
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