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  1. 786

    964RS comic book

    My pleasure. I read it, it’s actually quite interesting and many other notable Porsches show up. The whole thing seems like a love letter to Porsche. It’s pouring out today so a nice diversion. My friend is a big Japanophile and sent me other similar links as well if anyone is interested.
  2. 786

    New Car

    Lol, congrats. Attaboy
  3. Very interesting, thanks for the info guys. Would be epic indeed 😁
  4. Well, manga to be exact. A buddy sent me this, apparently there is a comic book series in Japan based on the 964RS lol its called ‘my favorite carrera’ https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-126984/chapter/mrs-chapter-126985?page=0
  5. Just curious as I’ve always wanted to do this event, if your car doesn’t meet the requirements for actual entry can you just ‘tag along’? for example, I see a 991.2 GT3 running with them?
  6. now i don't feel bad about not going.
  7. 786


    991.1 GT3's getting very attractive price-wise. In the US at least. throw one of these on and play out your RSR fantasy https://www.jcr-developments.com/porsche/product/991-gt3-rs---titanium-race-pipe
  8. car looks awesome, can you tell me more about the turbo master cylinder upgrade? haven't heard of this before.
  9. 786


    Porsche would never drop an opportunity to make money, CoA has been replaced with PPS.
  10. I do have a graduate level degree but hard to believe you got lost in a simple back and forth.
  11. Ah, yes that is a fair point. But 18,000 is still a lot of cars. Wonder how many are left.
  12. Ultimately, I think prices for these cars are buoyed by drivers like you and me, not collectors. We are willing to pay for the experience and don't care as much about collectability, future values, etc.
  13. I'm not, please see my comment to John Glynn above yours.
  14. The only way that makes sense is if the 964 supply has drastically reduced from the stated 18,000 production, and I mean drastically. Market for collectible things is ultimately dictated by supply of that thing. I was not saying the RS market was linked to the 964 market, was merely giving an example of how not collectible these things actually are, hype can go a long way.
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