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  1. Watched James's video the other day too, I don't mind him at all, think he may be in one of those moods that make you question owning classics. Got in one of those myself and went "modern" with a 981 S which is unbelievably good but just want to go back, and will. So I get where he's coming from, just going to ignore the sentiment in this one and watch his other very good shows.
  2. Have been out in the Cayman, or as much as is socially acceptable with the movement restrictions here at the moment, mainly between home and work. It really is very good, would have to say I wouldn't want a sports car any bigger, this does feel bigger than the IB as it is. The level of performance fits well with road use and still gives some feedback, the torque is enough that the gear ratios are fine in more relaxed driving, really effortless, just a bit long if you want to redline in more that just 1st gear in the suburbs and keep your licence. I would certainly recommend these as an IB repl
  3. HI Jonas, very nice early 2.7, they really are great to drive being light and nimble. My first 911 was a 77 ROW 2.7 from the UK and my last a 74 Australian delivered. The cookies are nice, I'd probably refurbish the centres silver again which I think would look sharper with the classic Chocolate? paint, and lower it a bit too. Doesn't look it's been mucked about with too much which is nice, and that's rare. Enjoy it mate, it's a cracker! Cheers, Phil
  4. Just to continue, had to do some work! 74 gone and missed. Anyway, in that moment of madness sold the IB first (minimal problems there besides low ballers that hadn't see the car in the flesh) then fire saled the Kombi and suddenly the garage was very empty (work van stays outside mostly, not that precious). With the funds from those two burning a hole in my pocket the hunt was on which resulted in the Cayman in the garage. I'll keep the work van outside or in the shed at work and reserve the last spot for a project later. (things are starting to fill that space though!) It
  5. Built the house about 5yrs ago now, garage was the first thing designed and then progressed from there 😁. Requirement was for three cars, wife/family hack, work van/Kombi and the IB with enough workshop space in front of the cars to "do stuff".The Kombi was too nice for work in the end so bought another van for that so the Kombi just sat idol. Was then keen then to sell the Kombi and use that money to finish off the IB but it didn't sell, no one that looked at it said it was overpriced or even offered a lower reasonable amount, just said they only had x amount to spend which was way off the as
  6. Hi Troops, After making the momentous mistake of selling the 74 IB I went in search of a replacement, couldn't stand being Porsheless. I felt I should try and move ahead from what I had but realistically I was already there with what I had, looked at and nearly bought a 993 C4 but still needed to sell the Kombi too to get there without eroding the funds too much. Thought about 996 turbos too or even a Mk1 GT3, then went back to looking for a good 3.2 Carrera but here a proper OZ delivered, fully sorted no more to spend car is $AUD120k plus, yes I could find something for say $90k but most
  7. Good luck with the move Dave, I'll let you know what I do next when it happens.
  8. The blue car now has a new home, it will be here in WA for a couple of months more then shipped across the country to NSW when it's new owners relocate. Having sold her I'm having sellers remorse, I'm not sure it was the right thing to do, really should have kept and developed the car further. Values for good cars here in Aust. are still very high, hence why I sold the car, but the money is helping to get one of my daughters into her first home. My thinking is to wait and see if values cool a bit then look for a 930, at the moment they are still way up there for a good one, so much so th
  9. I was always under the impression that the alloy front beam was in all Carreras from 73 on and the rest got them from 76 on. My 74 2.7 has steel, a 77 ROW 2.7 I had was fitted with an alloy beam as was my 78SC. If the 74 Carreras were steel that makes me happier for when I up-rate to Carrera spec engine wise so my car will as close as possible to a factory 74 Carrera.
  10. The closest it gets to a drone is at 70-80 kph in 5th but is quieter or lighter tone at our 100-110 kpm (2800-3200 rpm) cruising speed, can still hear the radio or have a decent conversation but no real annoying resonating. But pootling around the streets is where its at, supercar stuff with the sports exhaust button stuck on. You hear everything the motors up to, so the car is now all feedback and fun without having to stretch the law too much.
  11. Ha! doesn't sound that good on there, need better recording gear, much better in the flesh.
  12. Here's a video by iphone of the exhaust. Was a bit cold, should have had a little bit of the old hand throttle on.
  13. Personally I love it, may be a bit aggressive for some. Surprising ok at cruising speed. Have noticed a difference in performance, fitted the Dansk headers at the same time. Will see if I can get a sound bite onto the "Wonder Woman" thread.
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