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    Picking up my first 911 on 9 Sep 06 - still can't believe I own one

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  1. Ian thanks and I’ve managed to log back in. Kenny you have PM. cheers
  2. Arrived safe and sound, thanks again
  3. I've just checked my copy and it looks like you have 6 double sided pages missing! Happy to copy and send them to you? Andy
  4. Pete, I would be interested in joining the list. Thanks for taking the lead. Andy
  5. Ian I'm still ok for Sunday along with Chiro Tim and his Aston. If we don't go too far we could end up at ADC for coffee and bacon roll? I'll ask Richard and see if he brings the rarri ? Or default caterham. Later Andy
  6. James, If you mean SB in Devizes then it was £475+VAT which I assumed was valves like the last time. OPC menu for the classics rate is £565 VAT Inc for full 12K service. He did valves, full engine service kit, checked/adjusted front wheel bearings, measured all the pads and disc thicknesses all round, checked all the electrics only to discover what I have removed and snagged a few other bits but certainly there was no business development and huge bill recommendations. Car also came back cleaned inside and out with shiny sidewalls. Other menu items - manual transmission fluid change £90 and brake fluid change £80 both VAT Inc Cheers Andy
  7. As Ian says, I called the last Indi I used and his prices seem to have been revised from the last time . After VAT OPC Bristol was £5 cheaper. The other difference is the Classics club they have started. Led by one of the senior service advisors, parts man and technician they have reduced the labour rate to £60/hr and offer menu servicing for 12K services, gear box oil changes and brake bleeds. I've been buying bits from them for ages and they always ask about the car even if I'm only buying nuts and bolts they spend time talking about what we have been up to. They will even try and price match if they can and drop off parts on their way home. Before I booked it in I asked to meet the tech and have him look at the car first. No problem, so last Saturday he put it on the ramp and spotted a missing securing clip on the throttle linkage at the GBox (little ball and socket joint) and that the linkage had been rubbing on the drive shaft. We also chatted about other things I had replaced or refurbed over the years and he knew the usual things that go wrong. I could have had the service done for £150 cheaper at another Indi I've used in Salisbury but the OPC was brilliant and the car is running well in time for the Slovenia trip. I guess it's luck what type of OPC support you get but we are well served between Bristol, Swindon and Reading. Cheers
  8. I have packed up the Meguiars and DA Polisher is dual voltage
  9. Gents, I've got a new Navigator (cousin John flying in from Spain) and have booked the trains and hotels. Car is in for a service and looking forward to enjoying my first official day as a civilian on another IB road trip. See you at the tunnel. Andy
  10. Jaz it's a faff the first time you do it but just logic. Undo 6 bolts and by moving the window up and down by hand to various heights you will get the mechanism to over rotate (window up) then the rollers wil slide off the rail (window down) IIRC? If the window is dropping under its own weight, use masking tape over the frame to hold it. You should be able to hack it in an hour good luck.
  11. Jaz I recently changed a window motor which then struggled to raise the window. If the spring has not been tensioned right you can get the problem. It turned out to be the mystery object I found in the bottom of the door Was part of the tensioning mechanism. when refitted all was fine. The link to my post is below which might help? If you do strip the door, suggest you check the seals and window lifter whilst in there. Good luck. Link
  12. Jevvy, thanks for this and the cost benefit analysis. I will try it as women's logic on the wife and say I'll save thousands on a normal rebuild and with the money I save buy handbag and shoes to match Soo tempting.
  13. Andy Young

    Which oil?

    The best ones have the same number of landings as take offs...
  14. Andy Young

    Which oil?

    Dempo, welcome and as you may have guessed from the old and bold round here, the oil question always starts a debate Check the links the boys have given and look through the records that came with the car. I use semi-synthetic magnatec. Have you posted the details of the car with pics yet? I will check the 3.2 new arrivals thread. Keep the questions coming Andy
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