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  1. According to Bill. V from pelicanparts.com, going for boxster front / 3.2 rear should be the right move (without proportioning valve), which gives you about 1.64:1 front / rear hydraulic ratio (piston size), which is quite close to the original SC of 1.6:1. If Boxster front + SC rear, the hydraulic ratio would become something like 2.0:1, which is too much front bias. ========== I currently also going for Boxster front, but customised disc (300X24mm or 310X24mm, waiting for measurement), HiSpec Billet-4 rear + 996 C2 rear disc (299X24mm)
  2. Planning to go for the Boxster caliper route with floating rotor, did some basic measurement. Can anybody check the measurement for me in case I got it wrong?
  3. Some road-legal HID / LED mod, sort of.. Well, can't say 100% road legal, but at least they're 7-inch E-marked sealed units. Need to take the original reflector off and DIY a bracket to fit them. I think they're slightly larger than the original reflector, so some creativity may be needed to fit them into the original 911 headlight housing. 1, ebay retro-fit LED for LandRover / G wagon / Motorbike, about £40-70 for a pair, all looks the same, and I guess D911 retro-light uses this unit. 2, Wipac LED unit for LandRover, about £400+, looks similar to LumeTechnik solution,
  4. Yes, the projector becomes a large oversized H4 (or H7) bulb, and you need something smaller than H4 to go inside, which is a H1 bulb. That's the easiest way to install it, and fully reversible. Alternatively, you can take the H4 mount off from the reflector, than you can screw-in whatever you want inside the headlight housing. It may have the risk of breaking the reflector though.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Motorcycle-Upgrade-2-5-Mini-8-0-H1-HID-Bi-xenon-Projector-Lens-Headlight/312315293845 Just eBay search '2.5 inch H1 Bi Xenon projector', most of them came from China (Sinolyn?) and should be the same thing. And if you really want good ones you can try 'Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-Xenon' projector, I think is aluminium cup instead of plastic cup, but still made in China. For LEDs, just any H1 type with small filament should work, the smaller the better focus, so I think eventually I'll go for Philips. The one I tested wouldn't go into my car, I just bought
  6. I think they should fit, but those notches on the edge may compromise the rubber seal, just get lens without notches. Anyway I can’t for sure so I went for 356 ones. I originally want the Rennline clear 911 lenses with the correct 911 shape, but seems too much for me.
  7. My low-cost LED build, ebay £29 projectors (H4->H1) and £6.99 H1 LED. £90 for a pair of 356 clear lens (I guess i overpaid for the glass, it used to be way cheaper..) The projector is for bi-xenon, but I asked the seller and they said it does work with LED, just H1 LED only has single filament and it's either too bright for the low-beam or too weak for high-beam. Took out for a quick test, not bad for the price, much better focusing than original halogen light, and also better looking too. And it seems able to keep the M605 levelling kit working too. I think I would use bett
  8. Since I pay the ‘reasonable’ amount of money for the Rennline G50 rubber mount, I started to wonder why I should pay that much. So I pressed out the rubber from the engine mount as well. Without surprise, they seems to be the same piece of rubber, and people did just press the engine rubber to the g50 cross bar. Now I’m not sure it’s just G50 car use the same rubber or all 915s, but I feel like I spent some stupid amount of money.
  9. MR2 spider. They're dead cheap, very fun to drive, still civil and toyota reliability. When you get bored with it, swap a 2ZZ and a new beast has born.
  10. Thanks, Mark.. Your pic explains a lot of things to me. I think I'll go for a straight pipe, maybe DIY or Dansk.
  11. So, is the straight pipe makes a lot more noise than a pre silencer? I somehow remember the pre silencer is just a simple expansion section to filter out specific frequency noise.
  12. I bought an Ansa back box a while ago on eBay for about £70, took me some time to polish it and it looks great. At the moment my car is non-drivable so I don’t know the sound of it, is it noisy or just same as the stock one? The reason to ask this is I need to replace the pre-silencer too. So if it isn’t loud I think I can go for a bypass pipe. TBH I don’t want my car being too loud.
  13. Hi Theo: Is the floor board still available?
  14. Hi: Are these still available? 24 - 2 x short bumper support tubes (1 good 1 poor) £10.00 : (Plus postage) 66 - Front bumper smile (VGC) £80.00 : (Collect only) If so, can you ship them to Sheffield? Seems too far away to for me to collect them, let me know the postage if you can post them. Many thanks.
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