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  1. I used some left overs from 121 stuff from Rustbuster, but I guess anything just as durable will do. I use Jotun Jotamastic for any chassis type of stuff these days, you get more for your money and a wider range of colours.
  2. I stippled a grey epoxy onto the mine, did over a week or so adding layers each night.
  3. Sell you mine if you fancy a G50 backdate with David Dickinson sport seats.
  4. Nige


    lol how much would you need to condom a car?
  5. I do like a lowered Lupo, but not this.
  6. But what about your Hush Puppies and Sanatogen fund! 25% of your lifetime can be spent in retirement
  7. Someone say group hug.
  8. We all like a bargain amongst friends but I think David might be under pricing his stash. If he's happy then fine, but amongst friends I think it's our duty to point out that he might putting himself out of pocket.
  9. Wife's birthday on the 23rd so very unlikely here.
  10. The oil cooler bracket doesn't look like the one on my 88 3.2. Could be wrong though.
  11. Same here, though standard fuse board with headlamp relays. I've never thought the lights were under powered.
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