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  1. I stand corrected IB valance does need cutting for RSR or GT2 style. Stick my bake bean can on, though it is lined up for early bumpers.
  2. You don't need to alter the valance for the new style muffler. Its works with both impact and pre impact bumpers without cutting.
  3. I'm still running 3.2 heat exchangers at the moment with TT new style muffler and pre muff. You'd need to enquire about his new headers, not sure if heat is available yet.
  4. So they've sent a system for a 3.0SC or earlier. Hey you could always triple up on the gaskets, that might make them fit better.
  5. Additionally there is room to drive another (new) bearing down the shaft, pushing the old one out of the way. This assumes it hasn't been done before. Teaboy did a step by step thread with images many years ago showing how to remove the column and change the bush. Proper job.
  6. Flanges look to thin to me. What's the thickness compared to the ones you've just removed?
  7. Looks like they need more hammer than they've received already.
  8. That problem could solve a bigger problem.
  9. It is, but then I don't charge £2.5k for it.
  10. TT welding and finishing is miles above the Eisenmann images Chris has posted.
  11. I'd echo what RB says, provided the fitting goes without too much trouble you've still got a decent system, albeit expensive. When/if you ever sell the car I'm sure "Eisenmann" in the description will add value (whatever you think about them now and in the future)
  12. Nige

    PDF or Kindle Manual

    Nope still works, use the link in the last post I made. https://www.dropbox.com/s/33gi4678e0psmp3/Porsche Manuals.zip?dl=0
  13. Lube and alignment. If they open fine from the outside then you focus your efforts in lubing and checking the interior handle mechanism. Probably need to take the door card off for a proper look. I've never experienced door handle stiffness in over 10 years so I guess it's a specific fault on your car. Lube what you can first.
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