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  1. That looks like they've been cleaned with something acidic like wonder wheels or a caustic RTF as used by many roadside hand washes.
  2. I'd change them, you don't know how far the crack has propagated internally. I've never checked mine in the whole of the 13 years I've owned it. Best add that to the list.
  3. I'd look into it, but based on the cars dash mpg the Audi will achieve 50mpg at steady 70mph, the Merc will do about 36mpg. This seems to marry up to online reviews/specs of each car. To me the Merc feels heavy and older tech, although it's younger than the Audi by a couple of years, even my wife said the Audi feels sportier and more responsive. The Audi is noticeably quicker, smoother, larger, more efficient and more fun to drive. It feels better built too. I've had the Audi for over 6 years (2006 model) and has required nothing other than serviceable stuff. The Merc, we've had for 6 months (2008 model), it's required new glow plugs, the CD changer stopped working and the radio reception is cr*p, seems to flatten the battery and has a bunch of other small niggles that need sorting. Most is previous owner's lack of care so may not be down to build quality. Also the paint finish is thinner than the Audi. The Audi does like to chew through certain brands of tyres though.
  4. Audi A6 3.0Tdi and a Merc CLK 3.0Tdi on the drive here. Both10+ years old, I find the Audi better built and more fun to drive and just generally a better place to be, plus it's massively more economical.
  5. Autoglass buddy, they ordered it in from Pilkington. Top tinted with aerial, just paid the windscreen excess. The fitters had no probs removing and replacing. They/we decided to reuse the original rubber as it was still supple and appeared to better quality than the replacement they bought. They also used the chrome trim I had sourced and gave me the replacement chrome trim (gen Porsche) they were going to fit. Service was spot on.
  6. Dunno, but I did trim my bush at the weekend and found none in there.
  7. Accidentally breaking the windscreen only cost £75. When I had mine painted the original screen (with some chips in) and rubbers were removed and refitted, no cutting or breaking necessary. Now have a new screen fitted using the same rubbers.
  8. I'm sure I read/heard somewhere that Canford only restore Fuchs now for their own restos? Dunno could be wrong.
  9. Yes please. You OK with £55 total? PM me your payment details and I'll sort, although I am off on hols early Thursday morning.
  10. I'd be interested in the pair or even the one that is leftover from David's purchase.
  11. But some copies are better than others and I think that is the point. Bit like fake Fuchs, some fakes are better than others and if you was supplied a naff fake but was expecting and paid for the better fake, you would be a bit miffed.
  12. Nige

    Seat belt mount

    Just checked mine, minimal lateral movement with no gap between bolt washer and seatbelt.
  13. lolz Martin you sneaky squirrel. Good deal that.
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