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  1. Cut n paste into Google will set you up with a picture. I did it for all of them.
  2. I'll take all the fixings please for £25. PM me you payment details please.
  3. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2020/11/more-proof-that-govt-mandates-for-only.html
  4. I can hear the modem dial up tone already.
  5. I doubt it would have been engineered, designed or positioned with crash testing in mind. As much as it could be a benefit in a crash it could also be the adverse. More of a packaging solution than anything.
  6. On the assumption it is wheel bearings you might get away with tightening them up. But replacement is straight forward, so either DIY or don't get over charged at your preferred garage due to sucking of teeth and "Porsche Tax"
  7. Sounds like something is amiss as the steering on these cars are far from wooly. Additionally the front and rear suspension can be refurbished DIY at not too much cost. If you've got pretty decent skills it's straight forward, rewarding and beneficial especially if its crusty and tired looking. It may look unconventional but it's just nuts and bolts with no special tools required with exception of the balljoint socket.
  8. Looking forward to all those nice sparkly clean engine rebuild photos.
  9. My 3.2 had a plate full width between the bumperettes when I first had it. Not sure why as there where no holes to cover, it would be an easy option as Chris suggests. Looks fine too.
  10. Do you need a lightweight clutch if most of your driving is fast road trips. You're not a track day bunny Ian and what about sitting in those French traffic jams stalling it all the time
  11. Yup, I removed them completely on my 3.2. I DIY'ed the filling with 2 part resin couple of pieces of ali and skim of filler. Held up perfectly fine until I backdated it. I used some dinky motorbike number plate lights, similar to these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2PCS-MOTORCYCLE-MOTORBIKE-LICENSE-NUMBER-PLATE-LIGHT-BULB/232996391919?epid=2245081467&hash=item363faacbef:g:EU0AAOSws7FcfL7Y
  12. I swapped my fat US bumperettes for Euro ones on my 912e years ago. Below are the holes you are left with, you don't need to swap the rub strip. Seem to recall the number plate lights are slightly different too, don't recall having to drill any extra holes. As to 3.2 or SC versions I didn't pay any attention when I acquired them so just bolted them on, I can't imagine the difference is enough to affect fitting of either.
  13. Fruit n nut is best bro, it's like mouse crack.
  14. Those axle stands look ex MOD! Good work, looks like you spent most time and effort getting that height.
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