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  1. Nige


    Is it cranking the engine over on the starter or not and was it starting fine prior to the new battery install?
  2. Nige


    Do you have jump leads? Try them and if it starts then the new battery b*ggered?!
  3. I can't recall, but check if your 912e has the mount points welded onto the chassis or the trailing arms have the mounting points for the drop links? If they do then SC ones should be fine.
  4. You sure it's not the metal work where the check strap mounts in the actual door? It often cracks around the bolts and makes a clicking noise. Eventually it pulls through and you need to repair the door.
  5. Middle join looks like they did a French plait with it.
  6. Nice one, I had a good rummage through it, over it and under it with the new owner last Friday. Solid with a sweet motor just needs some paint fettling here and there and on bumper and valances.
  7. I have 2.7 Boxster calipers on my 3.2. The swap is straight forward, just follow the thread above. It's Boxster S/3.2 calipers that don't fit.
  8. Guess it's all down to the bolt spacing and where the calipers position on the disc. I think you might be better going down the tried and tested Boxster 2.7 calipers, adapters are off the shelf or can be fab'd yourself if you're that way inclined. Boxster ones mount through the calipers and as such are easier to install. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-2004-PORSCHE-BOXSTER-BREMBO-FRONT-BRAKE-CALIPERS-2-7-PETROL/224085089894?hash=item342c831e66:g:lOMAAOSwVINfEskj
  9. Using a black Sharpie gets the same results. Sorry that wasn't very helpful.
  10. Factory applied to stop water ingress as far as I understand.
  11. I had the Black and Decker one before the Evolution. It's decent bit of kit but I burnt it out after much use and a couple of jockey wheels. I find the Evolution better as the handle/motor part can be rotated for better access, it also comes with a spare jockey wheel part. Anyway Ian, they're only about £50 and you spend more than double that hair product per month.
  12. Isn't that dimple hidden behind the sill cover?
  13. As far as I understand they fit with some minor differences around the filler neck that are easily overcome.
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