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  1. I reckon Chris could build a fully functional flux capacitor.
  2. Nige

    9m sleeper

    Stops road crud from flirting right up into the C post. A bit crude.
  3. Nige

    9m sleeper

    Either bargain the price down or get the rust in the rear quarter repaired at the asking price. No easy way to repair that other then cut it out and weld in new steel, that's not too bad really but then that rear quarter will need full paint for it to blend in.
  4. You can download a PDF of the workshop manual here https://www.dropbox.com/s/33gi4678e0psmp3/Porsche Manuals.zip?dl=0
  5. You haven't tried the passenger side yet!?!
  6. If all else fails just smash the door glass, NOT the quarterlight. The glass can be easily replaced. Much easier than removing the front bumper and drilling a hole in your body work.
  7. What you putting it on Frazerby?
  8. Mine had a little of this when I first had it years ago. An oil change and some proper use had it gone and never to return. Or of course your cylinder head gasket could have gone
  9. It's not critical so don't panic if not installed.
  10. If you are still fumin' within the next hour write to the mag dude.
  11. Sexy, looks like he's had his own tooling made.
  12. T1rs here, probably about the third set. But they're probably not much different in cost to SO2s these days.
  13. Seat of the pant driving is too softcore for me, go commando or go home.
  14. Looks great. Those seats would have to go, they'll give you an itchy, sweaty backside on a road trip.
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