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  1. that white one is a whale rather than a tea tray be aware.
  2. the grill is part of the tail so can't be replaced. You said an SC so assuming it is a tea tray but Doc has a 3.2 whale on the for sale at the moment I understand.
  3. Never met the chap so that's probably why, but I cant work out if Kidson is a genuine nice bloke who is a complete petrolhead or he is a smarmy snob who loves to make out he is something special. Either way he spends a lot of time with some very special cars and know how to do a good video!
  4. He did seem genuinely shocked and seemed to be thinking “what have I got into!” Can’t turn around now and bills will be mahoosive! Nice shiney engine and nothing to put it in 😞
  5. Glad we missed the Maccy’s so we got a proper breakfast rather than some manky McMuffin 😊
  6. First modern sports car I have fancied in a while. I'll eat my hat if that is less than £60k once Spring 2022 comes around though. Shame the AMG I4 only comes with DCT and not manual.
  7. If you are getting into Farming. You have to do Harry’s Farm on YT.
  8. Been looking at old ones of these for years and now they are selling them again in UK after not for that last 10 years. At £12k I am tempted.
  9. 3.2 Lewis so not that. It was actually quite well behaved this afternoon. Think it just needed a good thrashing.
  10. Twas a fine evening. And a great surprise to see Fraser at Pevensey Bay! Good to see you bud!
  11. Unfortunately done that already. 😟 will clean and re grease.
  12. My throttle has become increasingly troublesome in that it won’t return to shut when you lift off. Will sit at 2krpm unless you blip it or hook your foot around the back and lift the peddle slightly. Have check the entire route if the linkages and lubed every point. The peddle box is all intact and I have stripped and clean the throttle body in case the butterfly was sticking. Thought I’d sorted it but it has returned. I think the return spring on either peddle or the throttle body has just lost spring. Is this likely to be the case and will replacing be the only option or can I add a helper spring some where.
  13. NP Phil. So are there really only 4 of us going? (And with Haith coming all the way from Wales!)
  14. Have a spare passenger seat Phil and more than happy for you to navigate for me. At the end of the day you do know the route very well! May to drop you home on the way back.
  15. Love Johannes’ videos. Really different to the usual fixem up videos. He has an Alfa Giulia he works on too.
  16. Jees! You were lucky to get that out!
  17. Buy it from D911 it will probably be “used” anyway 😋
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