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  1. Bit late to the party but I nipped up to this on the Saturday but not in my blue car as that is off the road right now. Lots of interesting cars and and a nice day to wander around in. I bailed around lunch and it was busying up then but it was a good morning. I don't suppose anyone caught the contact details of the funky car selling caricature guy did they?
  2. You know that they're aftermarket right Nige? What's up with yours? You can get them refurbed/tested/new seals etc fairly reasonably or even buy a kit yourself.
  3. Hey mate, please can I take the centre air vents - I snapped some of the slats on mine fitting a rubbish phone/satnav holder!
  4. Do you reckon he's disconnected the speedo to 'keep the miles down' or just to avoid getting nicked posting his video?
  5. Maybe, I have been looking into toning down the front end a bit. Bit more of an SCRS type look. This could be done by chopping mine up and grafting bits of a bumper like Jevs onto it or buying a new one from EB. My biggest headache is the oil cooler and ducting behind it so I need to have a proper think about that. Cheers dude No worries, I have no plans to change the rear.
  6. Shotgun the blue front one piece jobbie. I'll contact you tomorrow bud.
  7. Sounds fun mate but Lockdown #3 boredom got the better of me...
  8. Excellent Ben. Have you got any potential events in the calendar?
  9. My old Cayenne is a fat lardy thing, not this. I don't think I'd be disappointed if I was handed the keys, unless I was asked to park it at Tesco or in a multistory or anything other than parent and toddler....
  10. ALEX P

    Lightweight SC

    Lovely looking car. Really clean Bit high at the front but I love the SCRS bumpers and the headlights work really well.
  11. This is me too Ian. I used to use Magnatec but without falling into the trap of reading all of these tedious oil threads in too much detail I decided that the argument for switching to VR1 was reasonable enough so just did it. TBH,I have found dick all difference but I do believe that provided you regularly change it then you can't go too far wrong whatever camp you sit in. Life is too short. Make sure there is oil in the car and then use the thing. I'm good at the first part!!
  12. I didn't have quite so much luck. Did the usual ringaround and it came out as: Locktons £550ish, RH £615ish & Classicline £765ish so looks like I'll stick with Locktons.
  13. Don't know if it's just the photo Phil but it looks more than 90 degrees. I had a dig through my photo's and the ones I took off also kind of confirm this. The keep fit versions I replaced mine with are completely different.
  14. I've got my insurance due in the next few weeks so have had my valuation renewed by the Sherriff (top job) and need to do the trawl. I used to be with RH who were very good and mod friendly but didn't do track days so I changed to Henderson Taylor who were fine albeit a bit more expensive but did do tracks. I wasn't really using the track cover so then switched to Locktons as they were highly recommended by a friend in the biz. They seem very fussy about the track cover they do offer like PCGB only events but that hasn't really bothered me. I've stayed with them for the past few years but thought I'd have another sniff around this year. I see that we are offered 15% discount with Classicline through here but no idea if they are ok with heavily modified cars? Basically, I want a policy which has a good rep, has AV, is competitively priced and if they throw in track cover as a freebeee then that's a bonus. Even if I doubt I'll use it. Asking too much? I've never tried Manning or anyone else as historically lots of companies I tried were not mod friendly. Am I missing a trick or anyone have any other recommendations?
  15. Yeah, that's a bit 'challenging' isn't it!!
  16. Love those new seats Jon. Are they heavy? Also, I know they fold but do they have an adjustable recline or is that fixed?
  17. Age when Porsche cherry popped: 28 Car: 964 in baltic blue with 56k miles Purchased: Private sale from York Cost: £18k Year bought: 2004 I loved that car, it was immaculate but sadly I had to sell it to buy my ex girlfriend out of the house. I sold the car back to the guy I bought it from.
  18. I once got spotted on Insta and it was Porsche Club GB so they don't just polish wheel nuts.
  19. Yes yes yes. I'm really loving '02s right now. In my mind, what I'd like to do is get a smashed up 135i and transplant all the good bits onto a 2002. I don't know if it's even possible but it would make such a cool car.
  20. Happy New Year guys. Hopefully catch up with some of you in the spring.
  21. I drew a blank on Derbyshire Towns
  22. Get yourself a rally car Haith https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10528451
  23. Why not? If they get canned then you get a refund. Got to have something to look forward too!
  24. Do you know what, me too. I like that they do their own thing rather than follow the 'scene'. RWB has sooo many haters and I get that but when he tones it down, bins the aerofoils and puts the arches on without chewing gum and pop rivets then they can look really good. Also, check out the love that has gone into that 'zorst.
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